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How to Customize a Quickbooks Pay Stub Template?

How to Customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template

Quickbooks assist businesses. It, through its services, and solutions to the problems is the rescuer of firms. The firms may range in scale as small or medium or large. Yet, it helps them all. In addition, it grants easy solutions to all the accounting problems. 

Similarly, with the help of Quickbooks, one gets a lot of features. Also, you can use the payroll through it and get benefits. Likewise, Quickbooks has a user-friendly environment. Hence, you also get access to track the payroll of your company. One of these features of Quickbooks payroll is Quickbooks pay stub template. 

This feature will allow you to comprehend payroll better. Also, you will be able to understand its other functions. Likewise, it benefits your employees too. Along with the paycheck, when a pay stub slip is also provided, it assists the employee to track his several helpful information regarding salary. In addition, it is physical evidence of your paycheck, its amount, and date. 

Thus, this article displays necessary information in regards to the Pay stub template. Read thoroughly.

It will also provide knowledge of the same. Likewise, you will also know how to customize one. 

What are the characteristics of a Quickbooks Pay Stub Template?

With the help of these, one can attach pay stubs along with paychecks given to the employees. A pay stub is a pdf document. Likewise, it has a password for it.

They are physical evidence of the date and amount of the paychecks. In addition, one can save them in whatever style they are. Also, you can maintain the same format. The format can be made according to one’s wishes.

Basic Details in a Quickbooks Stub Template

A Quickbooks stub template has much information that you must need. Therefore, we have listed its contents below : 

  1. Gross Pay
    The gross pay refers to the total due income of an employee. Moreover, this income includes deductions of statutory income.
  2. Net Pay
    The net pay is also the total due income of an employee. Yet, it is exclusive to statutory deductions. That means, all deductions have been done and then income is calculated.
  3. Contributions by Employees
    It refers to the amount for covering statutory employee contributions or taxes. In addition, it depends on where the business holds its office. 
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Below are the steps to Customize  Quickbooks Pay Stub Template.

Under Quickbooks, you get access to a lot of features. You can customize the templates.
Change them according to your wishes and get independence to your wishes.
So, if you too are looking for an easy way to do so, read the following steps. 

  1. Steps to get the name of an account on the check voucher

    > Firstly, go to your Quickbooks software
    > You need to continue by tapping the edit tab.
    > After that, in the drop-down menu, you will get the preferences tab
    > Here, click on checking.
    > You will get a new window. Tap company preferences.
    > You then have to choose the print account names for printing them on the voucher.
    > And you have completed. Tap ok

  2. For adding address, company logo, name, and signature on a paycheck – 

    > Firstly, navigate to the file
    > Secondly, click on printer setup.
    > Here, click form name and then, click on check/paycheck.
    > Locate the settings
    You’ll get a list here as below. Hence, opt for whatever you desire to do : 
    > Signature image printing
    > Company name and address printing
    > Using logo

  3. For customizing information of employees on stub template – 

    > Firstly, login to your Quickbooks. 
    > Next, go to the edit tab. Click on it.
    > Find the preferences tab
    > Here, click on payroll and employees.
    > Tap on the preferences of the company. 
    > Opt for a pay stub.
    > Also, click on voucher printing.
    > Hence, you will get a window of payroll printing preferences. As per your wish, select the checkboxes given. You will get a choice among legal company names, DBA company names, bank account numbers, and many others.
    > Click on Ok twice.
     Employee address

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Can everything be customized? 

If you think that you may customize anything, then it is not the case. There are some restrictions to the customization as per legal requirements. Some of the information ought not to be removed from the template. The information given below can not be customized:

  • An employee’s salary and the rate per hour. In addition, to the number of hours, he/she has worked.
  • You can’t edit the payment period.
  • Also, the statutory taxes come in the same category.
  • Any add-ons and deductions from the salary. 
  • The amount of payment.
  • Name of company and address
  • Company’s tax contributions
  • Employee’s SSN

Thank you for reading! 

We hope that the article provides all the necessary information that is needed. Quickbooks features allow businesses to do their tasks effectively. The above article informs the readers about Quickbooks Pay Stub Template

Yet, if you still have any kind of queries, you can contact our support team anytime. The Quickbooks support team can be contacted via their toll-free number. Hence, contact them to get rid of your queries.


How do I customize my pay stub on Quickbooks desktop?

> Firstly, login to your Quickbooks. 
> Next, go to the edit tab. Click on it.
> After that, in the drop-down menu, you will get the preferences tab. 
> Here, click on payroll and employees.
> Tap on the preferences of the company.
> Then, select pay stub and voucher printing.
> Hence, you will get a window of payroll printing preferences. As per your wish, select the checkboxes given. 
> Click on Ok twice. 

With direct deposit, how can one get their pay stubs?

Even if you have direct deposit, one can always ask their employer to provide their pay stubs. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are holding a direct deposit. They will generate your pay stubs on your direct deposit. In addition, they can email you or hand it over to you. Ask them if they can do it for you. 

How do I open an emailed Pay Stub in Quickbooks?

First of all, go to Employees.
> Here, select the employee and open the paycheque list tab.
> Find the pay cheque you emailed.
> In order to open it, click on Net Pay amount.
> Click on print.
> You’ll get a pdf of the pay stub.

What is the password of pay stubs in Quickbooks?

While sending paystubs, one needs to enter the password. This password is either webmail or email one set up by you in QB Desktop. In case you’ve set up a Yahoo email for sending pay stubs, then I will recommend putting that password. 

How do I save a pay stub as a pdf in Quickbooks?

In order to do so : 
> Go to the file at the top.
> Then, here, click on Print forms.
> After that, select pay stubs.
> Next, proceed by selecting your payroll bank account. 
> Hence, you have to enter the date range including the pay date of pay stub.
> Select the pay stub you want to print. 
> Then, click on print. 
> You’ll get a pdf of it.

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