How Re-sorting QuickBooks Lists Helps you Fix Problems?

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QuickBooks is developed by intuit which helps to manage bills, invoices, and many more tasks. QuickBooks stores data as well as other things in the lists. Re-storing QuickBooks is a feature that fix all those problems you get into.

When will you need to resort the lists in QuickBooks?

Below are the events which help you to understand when will you need to re-sort your list

  • If you get any knowledge base article suggesting you re-sort your list.
  • when you find any odd behavior in your list.
  • If it is suggested you re-sort your list by a support agent.

Why is it important to resort the lists?

  • To get rid of the list that appears out of order in QuickBooks.
  • In the charts of accounts, you can’t turn on account numbers.
  • The reports which show items are out of order will be resolved by resorting the lists.
  • By re-sorting, you will get the new entries on the top of your list.
  • Once you resort the lists, you will be able to start typing a name in a list that doesn’t seem to work in finding a list record.

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You should resort the following lists – 

Master name list:

In this list, the name of the customers, vendors, employees and other names is stored.

Steps to resort Master name list –

  1. First open write checks window.
  2. Select the pay order and press ctrl-L.
  3. On the list, click the Name button and select Re-sort List.

Resort Master name list
Chart of Accounts or Accounts, items, payroll items

To resort this list, you have to follow the steps written below.

  1. Select the lists from lists menu and include an inactive checkbox
  2. Select the list button and choose the option Re-sort list.

The Memorized Reports list

Following are the steps to resort the memorized Report list

  1. In the main menu bar, select “Reports” and then click on “Memorized Reports”
  2. Select the Memorized Reports List
  3. Now, in the lower-left corner, click the Report button and select Re-sort List.

The Memorized transactions list

Following are the steps to resort the memorized transactions list.

Step 1: In the main menu bar, select “Lists” and then click on “Memorized Reports”
Step 2: Select the Memorized transactions List and press ctrl + T.


  • A user is able to resort a list when he has access to that list.
  • Once you are done with resorting, you have to re-open your QuickBooks to see if the problem is resolved.
  • Once the resort of the list is done, your manual changes can be lost.

Re-sort list in QuickBooks for Mac

Once you are done with resort the lists, it will help you with QuickBooks for Mac too. The steps are similar as you have done for the windows product.

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