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Complete List of Sage Error Codes

Sage Error Codes

While using Sage software for accounting and finance, you might encounter occasional challenges in the form of error codes. These codes act as signals, indicating potential issues within the system. Serving as diagnostic tools, they help users troubleshoot and maintain the accuracy of their financial processes. This compilation provides a comprehensive list of Sage Error Codes, offering practical insights and solutions for a smooth experience with the software. Understanding these codes is essential for optimizing Sage’s performance and ensuring accurate financial record-keeping. Explore the list below to equip yourself with the knowledge to effectively address and resolve Sage software-related issues.

SAGE 50 Installation Errors

Sage 50 Installation Error 1603Identified as an InstallShield Error occurs during Sage 50 Software Installation
Sage 50 Error 1721 Rooted in Unsuccessful Registration or Unregistration of Windows Installer or Compatibility Issues with the New Version
Sage 50 Error 1722Sage 50 Error 1722 happens because a previous installation is blocking the Sage Service host from installing properly.
Sage 50 Error 1608Sage 50 Error 1608, commonly known as an installation error, is similar to Sage 50 Error 1605. This issue occurs during the installation process of Sage 50 software.
Sage 50 error 1704This problem may occur because of corrupt installation files or other factors that disrupt the installation process.
Sage 50 Error 1701This issue typically arises during the installation or uninstallation of software on your computer. These errors are associated with Microsoft and are related to the Windows installation engine.
Sage Install Error 1628Sage Install Error 1628 is a common installation issue that occurs when users try to install Sage 50 on their computer. The error message “1628 Failed to complete the installation” is displayed during the installation process.
Sage 50 error 1618
This issue arises when the Windows Installer detects activity that appears to be another installation in progress.
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SAGE Error Codes List & How to Fix These

Here is a list of Sage error codes that you might come across while using Sage. If you’re experiencing any of these Sage error codes listed here, please get in touch with us at +1-855-875-1223, and we’ll help analyze and address the issue.

Sage Error 1324When you get this message click on Next, then press F3 and click exit to get rid of this error.
Sage 50 Error LogSimply power down your computer and upon restarting it, everything should return to normal.
Sage 50 Error 1935Update your Windows operating system, disable your antivirus software, and review the system requirements outlined in the related resources. 
Sage 50 Error 3110This process will prompt you to restart your computer, and upon completion, you should no longer encounter the error message.
Sage 50 Error Ause099Download the update directly to your system, which should effectively eliminate the errors in most cases.
Sage 50 Accounts Error 1603 To resolve Sage 50 Accounts Error 1603, try lowering your PC’s speed and then re-registering the Windows Installer service.
Sage 50 Error Clr20r3To address the error, modify the host files by adjusting them to grant full control to everyone in the Simply Accounting folder permissions.
Sage 50 Error Code 26Always create a backup to avoid any potential loss of files. Alternatively, consider installing the latest service release, which not only corrects any damage but also ensures the completion of your installation.
Sage 50 Invalid Date ErrorUsers have reported encountering a Sage 50 Invalid Date Error when attempting to change the fiscal year, with the error message stating, “Error: Invalid date.”
Sage 50 Serial Data ErrorRename the files and then stop and start the Pervasive service. This should prevent the error from recurring.
Sage 50 Error Opening Company DbSimply resolve it by adding a file extension, such as .db, to the file.
Sage 50 Error 1327 Invalid DriveBegin by modifying the registry key, followed by the creation of a mapped drive. If the issue persists, uninstall and then reinstall the latest version of Sage.
Sage 50 Payroll FPS Error To resolve the error 50 file system error number 3, you have two options. You can either delete all the PTL files, or you should check your network connection. Your workstation may be losing the network connection, causing the server to encounter this error.
Sage 50 HR ErrorTo fix the Sage 50 HR error, do these steps: install a service manually, clear event logs, install Sage 50 HR, uninstall it manually, and then reinstall it. This should get rid of the error.
Sage 50 Import ErrorThis error might happen if you haven’t filled in all the required information in the same account.
Sage 50 I/o Error In Variable LengthTo avoid this error in the future, delete all files with names ending in 
Sage 50 License ErrorThe Sage 50 license error might be due to a damaged installation of Pervasive. To fix it, try restarting Pervasive on the server. Also, make sure there’s only one instance of serial.dat and options.dat in the default data path of Sage 50.
Sage Line 50 Error 19Sage Line 50 error 19 might be caused by damaged Windows system files. To fix this, download a repair tool.
Sage 50 Email MAPI ErrorTo resolve the SAGE 50 MAPI Error, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling your email program.
Sage 50 Mysql ErrorIf you encounter this error, install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. This should help everything run smoothly.
Sage 50 940 Form Filing ErrorThis problem commonly occurs when a tax form is either opened in another window or minimized. Additionally, there could be various other reasons contributing to the failure of the payroll tax form.
Sage 50.net ErrorTo fix this error, you have two main solutions. First, try repairing the .NET Framework 4.5. If that doesn’t work, you can replace Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 with version 4.5.
Sage 50 File System Error Number 3To show how much the numbers in your data can vary include that information in a graph.
Sage 50 File System Error Number 11This error may occur due to a network issue or if the data path in your INI file is set up incorrectly. Verify your network connection or consider reinstalling Sage 50 to resolve the problem.
Sage 50 File System Error Number 3006To quickly resolve this error, conduct a full malware scan on your PC. This can automatically fix any issues causing the error.
Sage 50 Output ErrorAttempt to make a new copy of the backup on a new CD. If the original backup is not available, duplicate the contents to a new CD.
Sage 50 Fast Posting ErrorYou may be aware that fast posting is a feature that speeds up transaction processing. However, make sure that in multi-user mode, you have enabled it, as the errors you are encountering could be related to this setting.
Sage 50 Payroll Update ErrorIf you encounter a payroll update error, check the version of Sage 50 you are using. Additionally, verify that the .exe file has been named correctly to troubleshoot the issue.
Sage 50 Restore ErrorTo avoid Sage 50 Restore Error, consider backing up your file directly onto a USB flash drive. Also, ensure you have the latest version downloaded, as this can help prevent errors.
Sage 50 “Unable To Determine Security Privileges” ErrorWhen users attempt to open the company file or set security privileges in Sage 50, they may encounter an error message stating “Unable To Determine Security Privileges.”
Sage 50 Error 0008-rel 2014.1To prevent encountering this error again, simply disable IPv6. It’s important to note that this action should only be performed on the workstation and not on the server.
Sage 50 File System Error 3111A straightforward solution to fix this error is to download a repair tool. Once downloaded, the repair tool will automatically address and fix all your issues.
Sage 50 Uninstall Error 1905To resolve error 1905, simply continue selecting “OK” until all the uninstall processes are completed.
Sage 50 Error 1605Installing the repair tool will automatically resolve this error, and you’ll find that all your issues vanish.
Sage 50 2015 ErrorTo resolve this error, download the Sage 50 2015 repair tool. This tool should help you easily fix all the errors you are experiencing.
Sage 50 Accounting 2013 ErrorTo fix any errors, reconcile your accounts and carefully review all transactions. By taking these steps, you’ll likely find that your errors have disappeared.
Sage 50 Printer Not Activated Error Code 41To avoid errors, consider activating a new version of the PDF converter using the activation key from the previous version. After completing these steps, you should not encounter any errors.
Sage 50 Firewall ErrorProblems such as difficulty in installing Sage accounting software, issues in opening company files, connecting databases, or running reports may arise due to Sage 50 Firewall settings.
FUTA Error In SAGE 50The FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) Error in Sage 50 occurs when attempting to report to the IRS using Form 940.
Sage 50 Error Installing PervasiveAt times, all functions may get stuck due to the emergence of technical issues requiring immediate attention. Sage 50 Error Installing Pervasive is one such issue.
Sage Error With The Address No Errors:This error occurs when there are problems with sending bulk emails or emails through Outlook, causing issues in the process.
Sage Error 1067This error occurs when, through the services .msc, the Tomcat service attempts to run but stops unexpectedly.
Sage Error 1920This error occurs during the installation of Sage, specifically with versions V22 and above.
Sage Error Account Balance OutThis error occurs when there is a discrepancy in the balance of an account, leading to an “Out of Balance” issue.
Sage Error Amount Paid In Foreign CurrencyThis error occurs when payments are made in foreign currency in multiple split transactions, and the total payment amount does not match the expected total.
Sage Accpac Error 49153This error occurs when trying to access a Sage 300 company, and the system displays an error message stating “cannot access database.”
Sage Act Error Resolution Of The Dependency FailedIf there is a failure in updating the shortcut or if the program references are damaged, an error may occur.
Sage Accounts Error Code Ause099If you encounter error Ause099 while trying to download a Sage upgrade after receiving a Sage upgrade message, it indicates a specific issue during the upgrade process.
Sage Bits ErrorTo avoid this error, remember that when you make a root directory, you need to permit access.
Sage Accpac Error BatchWhen a user selects the wrong options in Sage 300, some records might not get posted.
Sage Error 95 Bad Object IdentifierWhen Peachtree encounters a problem and displays the error message “Sage Error 95 Bad Object Identifier,” it means there’s an issue with identifying or recognizing a specific object.
Sage Act Backup ErrorWhen you try to repair or check the database, the process is unable to fix the problem or stops midway.
Sage CRM Error Generating Excel FileWhen there’s an issue with XLS and XLSX files, it causes Excel files to stop working, and the functionality of report options is also affected.
Sage Error Hy000This error occurs when attempting to load a report during its execution.
Sage Error HelpWhen an error message with Sage error help appears on the screen, and the program stops functioning after clicking on it.
Sage Error Handle 0 Is Not ValidThis error occurs when trying to print something using Sage.
Sage Hr Error 1069When one or more services fail to start an error message related to login issues is displayed.
Sage Service Host Error 1067The process unexpectedly stops when trying to download SQL on Windows 7 (64-bit).
Sage Error Im002This error occurs when the data source name cannot be found, or the default driver is not specified.
Sage Error If Start Date Is CompletedThis error occurs when the starting declaration is not specified.
Sage Juicer ErrorIf the juicer is installed and encountering issues, it may not be functioning properly.
Sage Error Loading Current Company FileWhen attempting to open the Peachtree accounting program, this error occurs.
Sage Error Code 20This error occurs if the printer installation fails, or when running reports in formats like PDF. HTML, and . XML, the process stops.
Sage Error Connecting To DatabaseOne common error is “There Is An Error Connecting To The Database.” This issue arises when trying to open a company data file.
Sage 50 Database ErrorThe error message Sage 50 Cannot Open The Database Because The Database Engine Reported An Error.
Sage Data ErrorEncountering an error message while accessing data in Sage or attempting to check the database.
Sage Dax ErrorThis error occurs when trying to uninstall and reinstall XE ware.
Sage Error This Data is From an Unsupported VersionThis error occurs when there is a mismatch in the format during the export or import of data.
Sage Exchange Error CodesThis error occurs when Sage Exchange requests data validation and encounters an issue.
Sage Exchange ErrorThis error occurs when Sage Desktop is unable to register with the exchange.
Sage Exchange Error Code 10This error occurs when there is an invalid merchant ID or an issue with the identification process.
Sage ERP Error 40962This error occurs when attempting to apply database and system settings to a new system in the network.
Sage Error FixDuring the backup process, an error message appears with a suggested fix that needs to be ignored.
Sage FPS ErrorIf there are issues with the full payment submission for an employee, this error may occur.
Sage FAS Error 1935Sage FAS Installation Error 1935 occurs when the .msi file attempts to install numerous policy files on a system that already has .NET Framework 2.0 installed.
Sage 50 Error 3111If you encounter this message, it indicates a loss in internet connection or potential communication issues between the server and workstation.
Sage 50 Accounts Error 1721To resolve Sage Error Code 1721, check that the external device is functioning properly. Reconnect external devices where the Sage 50 program path resides.
Sage 50 Accounts Error 1053Open Task Manager, locate Database Service Manager in the Processes tab, press the Windows key and R, type “services.msc,” hit Enter, find Pervasive Engine in the services list, click on it, and start it. 
Sage 50 Backup ErrorTo fix the Sage 50 Backup Error, create a third-party backup or map the location to a drive on a server.
Sage Bob 50 Error 5185This error occurs because the process is not returning, and it is unable to locate the settings in the ads.ini file.
Sage 50 Error Code 30Sage Printer Inactive Error Code 30 appears when trying to email or print forms and reports, displaying an error message.
Sage 50 Error Code 20There’s a problem with the printer setup in Sage. You might see this error when you try to print, view on screen, email, or publish a report.
Sage 50 Data ErrorThis error occurs when there is a modification to the antivirus software to prevent conflicts.
Sage 50 serial.dat ErrorSometimes when you use Sage 50, you might see a “Serial.Dat Error” message pop up.
Sage 50 is Unable to Register Data Source ErrorWhen opening Sage50cloud Accounts, you might run into a few hiccups. The two most common ones are not being able to sign up for the library and not being able to sign up for the places where the information is stored.
Sage 50 EFT Direct ErrorEnsure your records are set up or imported correctly. Deposit any cheques that have already been posted within Sage 50. Click ‘OK’ to complete the process and avoid further errors.”
Sage 50 Email ErrorIf you get an email error from Sage 50, make sure your email account is set up in Outlook. If not, install and verify it. Finally, run Sage 50 as administrator.
Sage 50 Generic Com ErrorThe Sage 50 Generic COM Error typically arises from incorrect settings or problems within specific reports. To resolve it, review and rectify any errors in your reports.
Sage 50 Installation ErrorTry restarting your computer or running an antivirus scan. Temporarily disabling your antivirus can also help.
Sage 50 I/o Error In FileTo resolve this error, it is recommended to double-check the data path and program path for accuracy.
Sage 50 Accounts Installation ErrorTo eliminate this error, it is important to ensure that you have proper server access before installing any new software.
Sage 50 Opening Company.asd ErrorTechnical issues that hinder operations should be taken into consideration. One such issue is the Sage 50 Opening Company.Asd Error.
Sage Line 50 Error With SDO SetupRe-register Sage Data Objects and enable third-party integration in your Sage Accounts.
Sage 50 Memory ErrorIf you’re getting a Sage 50 memory error, it could be because your computer is running out of space or your files are damaged. To fix it, you can either free up some space on your computer or repair the system files in Windows.
Sage 50 Payroll Error MessageIf you encounter this error, start by restarting your computer. Ensure that Microsoft Outlook opens smoothly and is set as the default email provider. Confirm these settings are accurate, and this should prevent the error from happening again.
Sage 50 Network ErrorTo resolve a Sage 50 network error, open the company file using the primary system’s IP address. Additionally, ensure that all computers are part of the same workgroup. 
Sage 50 File System Error Number 101To fix this error, you can either download and use a repair tool or simply restart your computer.
Sage 50 File System Error Number 3110To resolve this error, start by restarting your workstation. If the issue persists, try restarting your server.
Sage 50 File System Error Number 3112To fix the Sage 50 file system error number 3112, you can resolve it by installing the repair tool.
Sage 50 File System Error Number 100 In FileTo address Sage 50 file system error number 100 in the file, you can resolve it by either reinstalling the Pervasive Data Engine or, if there’s a specific file causing the issue in the data location, removing that file.
Sage 50 Smart Posting ErrorTo fix this error, ensure the proper installation of the Smart Posting feature. If you observe damage to the data path, consider repairing it to resolve the issue.
Sage 50 Payroll Full Payment Submission ErrorWhen dealing with Payroll Full Payment Submission, it’s important to note that you might need to make modifications to the previous pay period after completing the full payment submission.
Sage 50 Runtime ErrorTo fix a Sage 50 runtime error, start by backing up the EFT file. Then, uninstall and reinstall EFT. Finally, copy the EFT files from the backup to the new directory. 
Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2To resolve this error, download and install the repair utility tool, then run a scan. After completing these actions, restart your computer.
Sage Line 50 Reconciliation ErrorYou can either restore from a backup or remove the bank reconciliation on each of your transactions.
Sage 50 Script ErrorFirst, try installing the latest version of the software. Ensure that the version is compatible with your internet connection. Additionally, verify that the installation is complete and not incomplete.
Sage 50 Feature Transfer ErrorThe occurrence of this transfer error is typically due to missing or damaged system registry files.
Sage 50 I/o Error Userpref.datTo address this issue, start by closing Sage 50 on all computers. Next, navigate to the company directory and rename the file. After completing these steps, shut down the computer. 
Sage 50 2014 ErrorTo resolve this error, consider deleting all Sage files and then attempt the process again under a different directory. Alternatively, you can download the installer from the official website and proceed with the installation.
Sage 50 Error 3To eliminate this error, simply go to the process tab and end all the processes. By doing so, you should be able to make the error disappear as all the processes are terminated.
Sage 50 Error 3012To address the issue, conduct a full malware scan on your PC. Alternatively, clean out your system junk using disk cleanup. 
Sage 50 Error 54To eliminate this error, utilize the Sage 50 Repairs 54 downloader. This tool can swiftly resolve the issue, ensuring that you won’t encounter the error in the future.
Sage 50 Fatal ErrorThe occurrence of Sage 50 Dreaded Fatal Error #6 may stem from various causes, such as loss of network connection, security software issues, or problems during the installation process.
Sage 50 MSI ErrorSage 50 MSI Error occurs when the installation process fails, leading to the display of various Sage Error Codes on the user’s screen.
Sage Error 49153When encountering problems accessing the database or when the client is unable to detect the server, there could be issues with connectivity or server visibility.
Sage Error 1603Sage 50 Error Code 1603 falls under the category of InstallShield errors, typically occurring during the installation of the Sage 50 software. 
Sage Error 1712If the attempt to use one or more files to restore the computer to a previous state fails, this error occurs.
Sage Error Code 5003This error occurs when there is an issue or error with the Sage server for payments.
Sage Error Accessing File OnThis error occurs when attempting to open Sage Accounts, and it indicates that the file or directory cannot be found.
Sage Error An Unknown Bank Was SpecifiedThis error occurs when no bank is specified or when the specified bank is unknown.
Sage Act Error 2601This error typically occurs during backup, copy, or repair actions, as well as during the synchronization of the database and remote creation processes.
Sage Accpac Error 98This error arises in Sage 300 when there is an inability to establish a connection to the database.
Sage Error BarsTo illustrate the variability in the data and incorporate bars for experimental results include standard deviation information in the graphical representation.
Sage Error 19 Bank ReconciliationAn unforeseen program error occurs during the reconciliation process.
Sage Error Unknown Bank SpecifiedThis occurs when an unspecified or unknown bank is specified, or when the designated banking account is not available.
Sage Error Server BusyWhen attempting to execute a process in Sage, an error message appears stating that the action cannot be completed.
Sage CRM Error Generating ReportThis type of error might occur when running or generating a report.
Sage Act Gdi ErrorThis error message occurs when a user is trying to utilize ACT within Sage.
Sage Error Header Transaction Is Cross-LinkedThis discrepancy arises when the creditors or debtors do not align with the sales or purchase aged balance.
Sage Error HandlingThis error occurs when there is a modification to the antivirus software in an effort to prevent conflicts.
Sage HR Error Connecting To MysqlThis error may occur when attempting to install Sage, the accounting package, on the server.
Sage CRM HTTP Error 503This message may appear with an error during the installation of Sage CRM.
Sage 50 Hr ErrorThis error occurs when the remote server fails to connect or when an application cannot be initiated.
Sage Error In Chart Of AccountsIn the charts of accounts, the layout is examined to determine whether the error is accurate or not.
Sage Import ErrorWhenever a file is imported over a network, and there is an issue with a specific line or field during the import process, an error may occur.
Sage Error Common.jsWhen essential sales order processing (SOP) or purchase order processing (POP) information is absent, an error message in common.js may appear.
Sage Error LogThis error might occur when a user is launching Sage for the first time.
Sage Error Code 00005This error may occur when there are issues with banking details, such as problems with account information or card authorization.
Sage Error Devmode Is NullThis error occurs when attempting to view a report through the export button, and a screen prompts the user to select “.xls” as the file type for saving.
Sage Drive ErrorThis error occurs after upgrading Sage accounts when attempting to open a Sage driver company.
Sage DLL ErrorThis error arises when Sage is installed in Windows XP and is accompanied by a DLL error message.
Sage Accpac Error Database Is LockedWhen Accpac is installed in Sage, the database may become locked, resulting in this error message.
Sage Accpac Error Detected By Database DLLThis error message may occur when the database is operational, potentially due to issues with the DLL file in the database.
Sage ERP Error 49153If only one system encounters problems connecting to the database while all other systems are functioning properly.
Sage Email Error CodeThis error may occur when an email application fails to open due to compatibility issues with the bits in Outlook, such as a mismatch between 64-bit and 32-bit versions.
Sage Exchange Error Code 00005This error occurs when any action, installation, or process is rejected or declined.
Sage Error FunctionThis error occurs when there is an issue with the context of the function.
Sage Error File Size Is IncorrectIf there is an incorrect file size, a specific data file may encounter this error.
Sage Forecasting Error 1706During installation, if a message stating “no valid source could be found” appears, the Windows installation process halts.
Sage Error Creating FileAn error message occurs if a file is currently being written to or is in use.

Resolutions For Sage 50 Error Codes

Here are two common ways to resolve Sage 50 Error Codes given below:

Solution 1: Run Check Data

To make sure your information is correct while using your company’s system, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on “File” and choose “Maintenance.”
  2. Click on “Check Data.”

If you see any messages, click on “Run Repair” or “Check Data and View Errors” accordingly.

Any problems with your data will show up on the File Maintenance Problems Report as errors, warnings, or comments.

  1. You must fix errors before you can continue.
  2. Take care of warnings before moving forward.
  3. Comments are just for information, and it’s good to check them now and then.

Solution 2: Address Errors or Restore Backup

To address and resolve errors in your software, follow these steps:

Automatically Resolvable Errors: If the system can automatically fix the errors, you will encounter a “Fix Your Errors” window.

Unrepairable Errors Requiring Further Action: If the system cannot automatically fix the errors, you will encounter a “Your Next Steps” window. This indicates that you need to take additional actions.

Manual Steps Required: If the errors require manual intervention, you will see the “Additional Steps” window. This implies that you must take specific actions to fix the data.

Remember to carefully read and understand the instructions provided in each window to ensure the proper resolution of errors in your software. If you have any uncertainties, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your IT support or relevant personnel.


Understanding and addressing Sage error codes is essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of your Sage software. This comprehensive list serves as a valuable reference, providing insights into potential issues that users may encounter during their operations. When faced with error codes, referring to this compiled list can help the troubleshooting process, aiding users in efficiently resolving issues and ensuring the smooth operation of the Sage software. As technology evolves, keeping this list handy remains a proactive approach for businesses and individuals relying on Sage for their accounting and financial management needs.

If you have any more queries regarding Sage errors reach out to our Sage assistance at the toll-free number +1-855-875-1223.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Fix Sage 50 errors?

Run an automatic repair

To initiate an automatic repair for your data in Sage 50 Accounts v27, simply click “Run repair.”
Remember that if you use Remote Data Access, perform the repair at the main site. After clicking “OK” to back up the data, and if the system successfully repairs the errors, a “Success” window will appear.

What is error code 12 in Sage?

Commonly known as the “invalid transaction” code, the issuing bank issues credit card error code 12 when it does not accept the transaction.

What is error code 403 in Sage?

A 403 error message may occur when a user lacks the necessary permission to make a specific request, such as attempting a POST request with only read-only access to contacts.

How do I check errors in Sage 50?

In Sage 50 Accounts, navigate to File, then Maintenance, and select Check Data. This feature scrutinizes data files, identifying errors grouped into categories: Errors, which require immediate resolution before further processing, ensuring they no longer appear.

How to report errors in Sage 300?

To address GL Error Batch in Sage 300 ERP, follow these steps:

1. In Sage 300 ERP, go to General Ledger.
2. Go to GL Reports, then Posting Journals, and select Posting Journal Errors.
3. Click the Print button to generate a report listing all Journal posting errors in the system. This report will help identify and resolve the GL errors.

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