How to Crack QuickBooks Admin Password?

How to Crack QuickBooks Admin Password

Cybersecurity concerns have increased requests for the QuickBooks Admin password retrieval process. Security is a critical aspect and needs to be very stringent to keep all confidential information intact. QuickBooks Password setting utilizes some important tips such as:

  • Use at least 7 characters (these can be letters, numbers, or special characters)
  • You can use at least 1 number
  • Use at least 1 Uppercase letter
  • No spaces
  • Passwords are case sensitive

If you come across a login screen that asks for a ‘Password’ but does not ask for the user name, then you are at the ‘Administrator’s log-in screen.’ With the number of passwords increasing over a period of time, it is very much possible that you forget some these, and one of these passwords is ‘QuickBooks Admin Password.’

This article will educate you about QuickBooks admin password crack with the help of ‘QuickBooks Automated Password Reset.’

How to QuickBooks admin password crack with QuickBooks Password Reset Tool?

For effective security measures, it is imminent you need to enter the QuickBooks ‘Password’ every time you open the company file. You need to change All QuickBooks Password every 90 days and QuickBooks also gives enough prompts to change the password when you are nearing the password expiration date.

It is not uncommon that you forgot some passwords from the ever-increasing list of passwords you have. To retrieve the QuickBooks Admin passwords, To crack QuickBooks password we need to follow the below steps.

Steps to crack QuickBooks Password

Note: Here you need to choose the last opened QuickBooks version that was used to open your company file, and this version must be installed on your system which you are using to reset the password.

  1. Next, enter the QuickBooks license number & the business info while you are registering QuickBooks, then choose Next
  2. Agree and accept the License Agreement. You will see that the download procedure of the automated password reset tool is complete. If you get a prompt that the details provided did not match then log into your Intuit account at to ensure that below-given info is correct.
  • authorized user name, and email address
  • primary mailing address, and especially the Zipcode
  • License number
  • Phone number

Note: If you are asked to select between RUN or SAVE options, then choose ‘Save,’ and save this to your desktop.

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  • RUN the ‘Automated Password Reset Tool’
  • Next, enter the token number that you get via email
  • From the QB Desktop Products drop-down, choose the same QuickBooks version
  • Choose ‘Browse for company file’ option, and select the company file you require to set a password.
  • Enter the ‘New Password,’ and select confirm password
  • Lastly, select ‘Reset Password’ to finish the process.

Important: You will not be able to start QuickBooks, and then log-into your company file via the new password just set. The verification form needs to be filled out again to produce a token. 

That’s all for this article. It is a tidy process to crack QuickBooks Admin-password, and QuickBooks Automated Password reset tool simplifies this process. For any info on the above-related content, you can talk to a technical expert at QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Number.


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