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How to use QuickBooks Payment card readers | QB21 QB 31 QB 33

QuickBooks payments card readers

This article will tell you all about the benefits, and other aspects related to Intuit QuickBooks Payment card readers. You will also get to know how you can use it for your business, such as customizing the receipts, including the logo, store information, social media links, etc.

It is essential for small to medium scale businesses to choose only secure and efficient payment methods. This is where the QuickBooks application comes into the picture, where it easily accepts card payments. The QuickBooks card readers also enable you to run your business from anywhere and everywhere, making mobile transactions safe, quick, and user-friendly.

While EMV card readers can ensure that the payments accepted are more secure in nature, magistrate card readers are different. They ensure that the information stored in the magnetic strip is read on the debit and credit cards.

There are various versions of the card readers including QB21, QB31, and QB33, and they all have different configurations and compatibility. It is important that before you make your purchase, you read and know about which ones will be the most compatible with not only your devices, but with your applications and account types.

Some of the features and compatibility of the QuickBooks Payments Card Readers

QB21 QuickBooks payments card readers

  • It accepts the EMV chip cards and the magnetic strip in debit and credit cards as per usage.
  • It can connect via Bluetooth along with the QuickBooks Go Payment in both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • You can also charge it with a USB cable.
  • It is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and is also made to be prepared for future versions that may support USB cables.

QB31 QuickBooks payments card readers

  • It can accept almost all forms of payment methods such as Apple Pay, EMV chips, magnetic strips, debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • The docking station is included for charges.
  • The charging is so efficient and durable that it can last for over a week (depending on the usage).
  • The chip transactions are encrypted and protect you from any possible frauds that may take place.
  • They have the access to connect along with the QuickBooks Go Payment application on all forms of Operating Systems, such as on iOS and Android.

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QB33 QuickBooks payments card readers

  • It is also known as the QuickBooks Mobile Card Reader.
  • It accepts the EMV chip card reading and also allows the magnetic stripe debit and credit cards.
  • The card readers can accept USB charges as well, having a special cable for itself.
  • It can easily connect with QuickBooks Go Payment for iOS and Android applications. It can be connected through Bluetooth.
  • It has all the features needed to be compatible and be able to work with QuickBooks desktop 2018 version and all the other future versions with just a USB cable connection.
  • The QB33 is compatible with all the functions of QB21, and QB31.

It is important to note here that in order for transactions to take place, having the QuickBooks Go Payment app is compulsory.

It is also to be remembered that QuickBooks Self-Employed is not compatible with any of the QuickBooks card readers.

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QuickBooks Card Reader versions (QB21, QB31, and QB33 ) have a different level of compatibility.

There are four types of accounts that you can use these card readers with. First, there is QuickBooks online w/ PTS, the second one is QuickBooks Desktop, the third is QuickBooks Point of Sale, and the fourth and last one is QuickBooks Go Payment only.

Each version of the card reader is differently compatible with all these account types. To know the same, you can refer to the instruction manual and get to know about the exact version they are suited to be used with.

For instance, Go Payment only works with QB21 with iOS version 10.0 or higher, Android version 4.1 jelly bean or higher, and/or with QB31.

QuickBooks online w/ PTS works best with the following:

QB21: with a GoPay app in iOS vn10.0 or higher, GoPay app in Jelly bean 4.1 or higher, or in QuickBooks mobile app of v18.1.1 or higher. QB31 however, does not support this account type.

In QuickBooks desktop, QB21 and QB31 works equally good in iOS v10.1 and higher, or in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. 

In QuickBooks Point of Sale account type, QB21 works with iOS 10.0 and higher or with Android Jelly Bean version 4.1 or higher. However it is important to note that QB31 does not support this interface. 

Final words

Now that you have an idea about the QuickBooks Payment card readers, and how it is to be used along with QuickBooks GoPayment Service, you can now carry out your daily business functionalities on the go without having to put in a lot of manual labor.

However, in case you need more assistance and have more questions regarding its usage, you can always get in touch with a QuickBooks expert, or a QuickBooks ProAdvisor through the toll free number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. On which versions of the operating system does QB21 work?

A: It works on any operating system that is above iOS version 10.0 or on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher

Q2. Where are GoPayment card readers available for purchase?

A: You can order it online through the official website of QuickBooks in order to get authentic products.

Q3. Why should you consider mobile payments?

A: If you have been using debit and credit cards, using a mobile application makes the whole process a lot easier and you can cut short on a lot of manual labour in recording and carrying out transactions.

Q4. Do all versions including QB21, QB31, and QB33 support magstripe reading?

A: Yes, all versions support magstripe reading and are hence very user friendly.

Q5. How is QB31 different from the other versions?

A: The QB31 does not interface with Point of Sale products, while the other two, do.

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