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quickbooks pdf repair tool

QuickBooks offers numerous features to its customer, one of them is QuickBooks print and PDF. But there are circumstances wherein users face issues while printing PDFs, invoices, checks, etc. In order to fix all these issues, QuickBooks pdf repair tool has been introduced. For the purpose of printing documents, QuickBooks needs different components like to XPS Document Writer, MSXML, and Print Spooler service. QuickBooks printer repair tool is specifically designed to solve issues in Microsoft components which come up while printing. In this blog, we will illustrate how “QuickBooks print and pdf repair tool” can work wonders to resolve all sorts of printing and pdf errors.

Errors that can be Resolved Using QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

  • Formatting problems at the time of printing.
  • Printer yielding blank prints.
  • Not able to print invoices, reports or checks.
  • Print stops responding.
  • QuickBooks stops working after clicking on Print command.
  • Unable to save PDF files through QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks fails to make PDF files.
  • Issues while installing PDF Converter.
  • QuickBooks shows the message: “The Device is Not Ready”.
  • QuickBooks Unrecoverable error.
  • Problems while activating PDF Converter such as error 30, error 20 and error 41.

Important points to consider:

  • The printer is turned on/plugged in- It is essential to check whether the printer is enabled and working properly.
  • Able to print from some other program- You can check if the printer is working and can print from some other program. If it can print from some other program, then the problem is not with QuickBooks.
  • Restarting the computer is not solving the issue-  At several instances, the problem is solved just by ‘Rebooting’ the computer. You can try this before looking for other solutions.
  • There is a ‘Printer Error’ message- Many times you get an error, or things do not print, or the printouts are kind of garbled. You will see a ‘Printer code’ such as:
    1. Windows Error Dialog- If there is a problem with the windows, then you will see a ‘Windows error dialog.
    2. QuickBooks Error Dialog- If it is a QuickBooks Error dialog then you can use try to fix it with ‘Repair tool.’ We will discuss, how to operate that tool later in the article.
  • A problem is there when printing a transaction form- There can be a scenario where you can print reports but cannot print transactions. To amend this, you can try to change the template of the form. Corrupted templates can’t be repaired, so try other templates.


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How to Fix QuickBooks Printer Problems?

QuickBooks stores the printer related info in many files. Mostly QuickBooks printer problems occur with the ‘qbprint.qpb & wpr.ini’ files. Corrupted qbprint.qpb & wpr.ini files can create printing problems while if the files are damaged; you will have unfit or improperly scaled printouts. If there is a problem, then QuickBooks will positively reflect an error message.

  • A qpb file has info related to printer selections & the setup for the forms that are there with QuickBooks such as invoices, estimates, etc. There is a separate line for each form in this file.

Note: ‘qbprint.qpb’ is a binary file and not a text file that has general info about windows printers.

  • An ‘ini’ file is a text file that has ‘general info’ about Windows printers. The file size is small, and it is rare that there would be any problem with this file.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Printer problems

Solution 1: Restore the Back-up

If you have used QuickBooks backup process, the ‘qbprint.qbp & wpr.ini’ file is included in the back-up. Resolve printer problems by restoring files.

Note: Ensure that you are restoring only the printer files, and not restoring an old QuickBooks Company file.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool

QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool can help you to fix several problems such as problems related to PDF files etc. There are different versions of this tool, and you should always use the latest version – Download QB Print & PDF repair tool

‘Windows Admin permission’ runs the QuickBooks PDF repair tool. There is a series of steps to repair many of these issues.

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Solution 3: Rename/Delete the Printer file

If the none of the above two methods have worked, i.e., neither there was a restoring of the backup was feasible, nor you were able to run the ‘printer utility tool,’ then the last option is to ‘delete the damaged files & create new ones.’

To perform this Solution, you can follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, search and find the files
  • Now ‘Rename’ to something such as ‘qbprint.old’ & ‘wpr.old’ and do not delete them as of now.
  • ‘Run’ QuickBooks and ‘Open company ’
  • Select ‘File’ >> ‘Printer Setup’
  • Now choose any transaction in the ‘Form Name ’
  • Click OK

The above process will make an error-free ‘qbprint.qbp & wpr.ini ‘ file.

Note: The above solution will make you reset your printer settings.

The above-given blog is quite comprehensive and elaborate on explaining how to solve QuickBooks PDF and Print problems. If you want to know more about QuickBooks pdf repair tool then do not hesitate to call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Further, if you ever feel the need of taking advice from your fellow business owners that happened to be our existing subscribers, you can visit our thriving QuickBooks Community. Still, if you do not find an answer for your specific question within the community, in that case, you can also post your question in the community to get the requisite answer from the contributing members.

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