Introduction: Quicken Software (Pricing, Features and Reviews)

quicken pricing

If you are in search of buying software that can help you in tracking account balance, budgeting, investments, and other expenses, you will surely come across Quicken software during your search. This one is one of the finest software that can help you with tracking finances and comes up with different versions. Well, our main concern is to tell you about Quicken pricing in the following post so that you can wisely choose the perfect edition based upon your business requirements.

Let’s learn more about Quicken software and it’s pricing to determine if the software is a good choice for your business requirements.

Introduction: Quicken Software

As we noted above, Quicken is one of the famous finance software that is utilized across the globe. It has been introduced on March 3, 1983, and has become a demanding personal finance software among various business owners. It comes out to be a complete package that performs everything from tracking investments to balancing a checkbook. However, some users may have complaints regarding its speed over another alternative of Quicken. Well, this one is the best option when it comes to managing personal finances and has four versions.

  • Starter (Basic plan)
  • Deluxe (Popular one)
  • Premier (Best Price)
  • Quicken Home & Business (For Windows Only)

Features of Quicken Software

You can get a complete financial picture at a glance with the help of Quicken personal finance software. Also, you can view the investment, banking, credit card accounts, and retirement all in one place. To know more advantages, you can check out the following list.

Personal Finance Features

Quicken contains all the required features to create a budget, manage your bills, or planning the requirement. Let’s have a look at all the personal finance features of Quicken.

  • Managing Expenses: You can check out personal expenses by sorting your accounts and transactions. Also, it will be easy to create customized categories, track personal expenses, and track future expenses with the help of Quicken software.
  • Budgeting: Quicken helps you in comparing personal expenses to the actual spending so that you can make better decisions regarding the business. The budget can also be managed on the web or via mobile.
  • Bill management: Quick Pay for digital bills will guide you in sending your payments. Or, you can also send the payments via check Pay for physical checks. Quicken guides you in setting up automatic billing alerts so that no payment will be missed out.
  • Retirement planning: Quicken assists you in knowing inventory, assets, and investments. Additionally, it comprises a Lifetime Planner (In Windows Only) that assists you in managing future planning.

Business-Related Quicken Features

If you are operating a small business, Quicken Home & Business will be a great option to go with. This version comes up with lots of features and functionalities that have been mentioned below.

  • Invoicing: Quicken offers advanced invoicing to create customized invoices and add a payment link to PayPal. Along with this, you will be able to print an invoice and email it to the client.
  • Estimates: You can create and track an estimate and then email it to the customer. Tracking estimates can be done under the Estimate list.
  • Tracks Account Payables and Account Receivables: Quicken Home & Business will be the best option to start tracking invoices, Account payables, fixed assets, and loans.

Rental Features

To streamline landlord responsibilities, you can avail of Quicken rental property features. To know additional features, look into the following list.

  • Managing Contacts: It will be easy to manage and organize the contact details comprising security deposits, rental agreements, and move-in & move-out dates all at the same place.
  • Tracking Market Value: You can check out the holdings and view snapshots of your portfolio. But, this can be possible for Windows users only.
  • Receipt scanning: Quicken helps you in saving the receipt data as a QIF file and makes expense tracking a breeze.
  • Storing Documents: Easy to store and handle documents associate with your properties, projects, and tenants.

Mobile App

From Google Play or App Store, you can download the Quicken mobile App to manage your finances anytime and anywhere. Once you have set up the Quicken account on the mobile app, information will be synced between the mobile app and the desktop program via the Quicken Cloud.


Quicken helps you in making financial reports that include cash flow, payee comparisons, budget spending, cash flow comparisons, profit and loss, account balances, transactions, banking summaries, etc.

Pricing and Plans of Quicken Software

Well, you may have multiple queries regarding pricing and plans of Quicken and are unable to find answers online. Here, we are all set to answer all of your queries about the same like why can Quicken do everything while other budgeting tools target investing or expense tracking. You should know that the Quicken software isn’t just cloud-based or desktop-based, it’s both.

Further, we can learn about Quicken pricing and plans for each edition available in the market. Or, you can have a look at the following table to know the prices immediately.

Now, let’s proceed to get acquainted with all of the Quicken plans and pricing in a detail. Further down, we have explained each of the Quicken versions.

quicken plans


Quicken starter mainly helps you in controlling money-related tasks.

  • Import all credit card bank transactions automatically
  • Categorized transactions so that you can check where your money is going
  • Creating budgets and managing your bills.

Quicken Deluxe

Setting your financial goals with Quicken Deluxe. It comprises all features of the Starter plan and includes the following features, as well.

  • Importing loans, retirement account transactions, and investment.
  • Planning future goals and paying off debts.


It assists you in maximizing your investments and comes up with all the deluxe features in it.

  • Keep a track of your investments to make decisions.
  • View realized and unrealized profits and latest updates.
  • Guides you in minimizing taxes on investments

Quicken Home & Business

Manage your personal & business finances in one place

  • Comprises of all premier features
  • Categorizes all your personal, business, or rental property transactions.
  • Keep a track of cash flow statements.
  • Maximizing business deductions while filing taxes.

Recently added features in Quicken

  • You can manage money on the desktop, web, and mobile.
  • Easy to export register transactions to Excel.
  • Emailing Quicken reports.
  • Adding bill pay “favorites” into new Bills dashboard
  • It comprises a PayPal link in rent reminders that helps you in getting paid faster.
  • Email business and rental reports directly from Quicken.

Improved features included in Starter

  • Generate reminders in a single Bills dashboard
  • Online bills will appear in the Calendar widget
  • Simplified tax rates and mileage rates
  • Long term capital gains now show as scheduled transactions


quicken customer reviews

Alternatives of Quicken

Quicken is one of the known and best personal finance software developed by Intuit, Inc. This software includes all the required features from basic checking to saving account management and budgeting. You can also avail of the Windows-versions program for Mac that works well with Apple’s operating system.

However, Quicken is pricey on comparing to other desktop-based personal finance software. Because of this, many business owners are unable to take advantage of Quicken to track their finances. In this section, we are going to explore some other relevant software that can be alternatives to Quicken.

Personal Capital

It is one of the most recommended finance software and a less expensive alternative to Quicken. The basic Personal Capital consists of various features like tracking, bill paying, budgeting, etc. and basic services are free. Additionally, Personal Capital offers much more in-depth investment features and planning than Quicken. You can access this money management tool by PC, tablet, or cellphone, as well.


Hopefully, you have already familiar with the Mint software as it is one of the famous cloud-based software programs. This has been introduced in 2009 that comes up with basic features like tracking and creating budgets and financial goals. Services offered by Mint are quite similar to Quicken‘s most basic starter version. However, it doesn’t include investment management services.


Intuit’s product QuickBooks offers lots of features and functionalities than Quicken. You can track expenses as well as other accounting tasks after choosing QuickBooks as your accounting software. So if you thinking to expand your business and looking for perfect accounting software, go with QuickBooks.


If you don’t want to limit yourself just by tracking personal & business finances and looking for an alternative to file taxes, TurboTax can be a good choice. This software offers free basic features similar to Quicken. Also, you can get access to all tax forms at their lowest prices.


Get our expert Quickbooks ProAdvisor on call to resolve your query in no-time.

Limitations of Quicken Software

Well, every software has some of its negative points that need to be considered while choosing it as your personal finance software. Here, we have included all of the limitations of Quicken software based upon its user experience. Let’s have a look at all of them in sequence.


The very first disadvantage of Quicken is fairly expensive. Because of that, not everyone can choose it as their personal finance software. Quicken costs from $40 to $80 per year and depends on the version you are buying with or without the discount.

Syncing issues with the Bank

You can sync Quicken with all banks and may face issues during the same. You first need to buy Quicken before syncing it with the bank account. If you are trying to sync this software without purchasing it, it may display errors.

Not much intuitive

In our assumption, Quicken is not pretty much instinctive as other budget tool interfaces. However, we can say that it doesn’t have a user-friendly interface. You may need to hire an expert to take the assistance while tracking your personal finances.

Size of the Quicken Data File

You can get access to up to 512 accounts of each account type like spending, credit, investment, etc. Once the limit has been reached, you will be unable to decrease the limit count in Quicken. Although, you can’t delete the list elements to start a new Quicken file.

Final Words!

Excitedly, the blog has successfully provided all the required facts related to Quicken Pricing to you. As we have seen, Quicken has been in the market for a long time on comparing to another finance software. And, it has been improving day by day by launching advanced features and functionalities. Well, numerous accounting tools are available in the market. If you are unhappy with the Quicken software or want to get familiar with it, contact our team to get expert advice. You are free to ask queries related to the Quicken subscription, as well.


Q1: Is there any trial version of Quicken Subscription?

A: Now, there is no trial version of Quicken Subscription. However, you do have a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Q2: Do we need an internet connection to use Quicken Software?

A: Quicken is a web-based product which means it requires installation on your system. However, a proper internet connection will be required to access and download online banking transactions. Also, you need an internet connection to activate the Quicken product. But, once you have activated the Quicken account, you can enter transactions offline.

Q3: What does an expiration banner indicate?

A: The expiration banner displays when your Quicken subscription has expired. If you want to continue using services, renew the subscription to use online services. But, if one of the expiration banners displays on the screen, sign out the Quicken ID and sign in to it again.

Q4: What is the refund policy of Quicken software?

A: The Quicken software has a 30 days money-back guarantee and you can get a full refund of the purchase price. It doesn’t consist of handling or shipping fees within 30 days. You are also permitted to auto-renewal of your Quicken membership within 30 days.

Q5: Where to view or manage the membership information in Quicken?

A: In the My Account option of, you can upgrade or downgrade the Quicken membership. After logging in to the Quicken account, you will see the product version, date of activation, and subscription expiration date under the Plan Details option. Here, you can also manage the account settings like login details. And, choose the Manage Subscription option to update the payment information.

Q6: How to update Quicken 2021?

A: Below, you can find out the steps to update the Quicken software in 2021. 
1. First of all, choose the Help Menu and click on Updates. 
2. After that, follow the ongoing instructions via One Step Update instructions. 
3. Finally, choose the install option when you get the update window on the screen. 

Q7: Is there any non-subscription version of Quicken?

A: There is no longer offer a non-subscription version of Quicken.

Q8: How to turn off automatic renewal in Quicken?

A: You can go through the following steps to turn off automatic renewal in Quicken. 
1. The first step is to enter the Quicken ID and password to sign in to the Quicken account.
2. After that, choose the Subscription section under the My Account page.
3. Now, click on the Manage Subscription option. 
4. If you get the Resume Subscription rather than Manage Subscription, this shows that the
5. subscription has been canceled.

Q9: How to close the Quicken Account?

A: If you are looking for the steps to delete the Quicken Account, follow up on the following steps. 
1. Initially, choose the account that needs to be deleted.
2. After that, click on the Accounts option and select Delete Account.
3. Next, select delete to confirm and go to the Quicken menu and click on the Edit option.
4. Select the Undo Delete Account only in case of recovering the account.

Q10: What are the steps to find hidden Quicken accounts?

A: To open hidden accounts in the Account List in Quicken, you can attempt the following steps. 
1. First of all, click on the Tools menu and select Account List.
2. Then, choose View Hidden Accounts under the Account List. 

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