How to Resolve Sage Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation?

sage error 1628 failed to complete installation

Are you looking for solutions to deal with the Sage error 1628? We are here to assist you till the error gets resolved. Well, our main concern is to first find out the possible causes behind the error occurrence, then try to resolve it. Sage is prominent software that includes various advanced features and functionalities. Nonetheless, these errors can be resolved manually. Sage error 1628 failed to complete installation is one of such errors.

This post comprises a complete overview of Sage 1628 Error. Let’s start by finding the causes behind its occurrence.

What May Cause Sage Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation?

Before going to fix the error, make sure to find the causes behind it. It assists you in choosing the perfect solution to resolve the same issue quickly.

  • A corrupt installation of the Sage software or files may lead to the Sage Error 1628.
  • Due to corrupted Windows, you may face Sage error 1628 failed to complete installation.
  • A damaged or expired .NET framework may cause an error.
  • If you have mistakenly deleted imported files related to the Sage 50 software.

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How to Troubleshoot Sage Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation?

After getting familiar with the causes behind the error occurrence, you can easily choose an appropriate solution accordingly. Let’s have a look at the solutions one by one.

Solution 1: Restore the system to the last point

  • Firstly, log in to the PC as an Admin.
  • Go to the Start option and then click on All Programs.
  • After that, choose Accessories, then choose the System Tools.
  • Select the System Restore and choose the Restore my computer to an earlier time option.
  • Click Next and choose the last restore point.
  • Finally, select Next to complete the process.


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Solution 2: Reinstallation of .NET Framework

  • The initial step is to insert Sage 50 HR CD.
  • And then, locate the Microsoft .NET Framework folder path.
  • Double-tap on dotnetfx20.exe.
  • At last, follow the ongoing prompts to complete the process.

Solution 3: Creating a new user account

  • Initially, choose the Start option and then select Control Panel.
  • After that, select User Accounts and Family Safety.
  • Select Add or Remove user accounts option.
  • Meanwhile, select Create a new account and enter the account name.
  • Select one of the account types either Standard or Administrator.
  • Now, you need to create the account along with the password.
  • Log off from the current account and log in to the new one.
  • Finally, start the installation.

Solution 4: Close the files from the Task Manager

  • First of all, launch the Task Manager and choose the Start option.
  • Open the search box and enter taskmgr.
  • Now, select the taskmgr.exe from the Programs list.
  • Choose the processes tab and look for idriver.exe and msiexec.exe
  • After selecting each example of both processes, choose the End Process option.
  • Finally, shut down the Task Manager.

Solution 5: Install the recent Windows Installer Package

  • First of all, download the .msu or .exe file for your Windows version.
  • Now, check for the operating system you have ‘x86 indicates 32-bit Windows version’ and ‘x64 indicates the 64-bit version of Windows.’
  • If you are still confused, install the x64 based version.

Solution 6: Perform a Clean Startup Process

Other software activates automatically along with the OS while launching Microsoft Windows. These services and programs may comprise anti-virus that can affect the Sage application. So it is advised to perform a clean startup as an Admin.

Final words!

We expect that the aforementioned information is sufficient to fix Sage error 1628 failed to complete installation. Sometimes, this error may get resolved just by repairing all the Windows Registry Entries. If you are concerned to know more about the Sage software, feel free to get connected with us. Our Sage experts are proficient to resolve any kind of errors related to Sage. Without a doubt, you may contact QASolved and get relevant solutions to fix all your issues.


Q1: How to activate Sage 50?

A: Underneath are the steps that can be applied to activate Sage 50.
Go to the Help menu and choose the Sage 50 Activation option.
Click on Activate Online Now.
If you are using Sage 50 for the first time, fill out a short form before activating Sage.

Q2: How to activate the sage account?

A: Here are the steps to activate the Sage account.
The initial step is to choose Activation on the menu bar click Tools.
Click on Upgrade Program and select Register my software from the Product Registration window.
Follow the ongoing prompts to register Sage Accounts.
Lastly, enter the new activation key.

Q3: How to enable the .NET framework on Sage 50?

A: First of all, choose the Start option and go to the Control Panel. After that, select Programs and Features and then Turn Windows features on or off. If you have not installed it earlier, choose Microsoft. NET Framework. Finally, select OK.

Q4: How to create a new Windows user account in Sage?

A: Firstly, choose the Start option and then choose Control Panel. After that, click User Account and choose Add or Remove User Accounts. Now, set an account name and choose the Create Account option. Create a password and log off from the current account and log in to the new one.

Q5: What is the main cause of Sage Error 1628?

A: The main cause behind the occurrence of Sage Error 1628 is firewall settings or antivirus programs which might stop you from accessing the Sage software.

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