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How to Uninstall Quicken for Windows and Mac?

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Quicken manages your financial activities in one place but sometimes it becomes necessary to uninstall when the installation procedure is improper.

Quicken is a financial accounting software for Mac Os and Windows computers. It tracks finance, categorizes spending, creates budget, checks investment performance, views balances, and manages your transaction history. Sometimes, while using the software, you may encounter technical issues. In such situations, you need to uninstall Quicken.

At the time of uninstalling Quicken, the data will remain as it is on the system in the same place. Still, it is advised to create a backup of your data file and save it at the right place before you initiate the Quicken uninstall procedure. It is essential for you to know how to uninstall Quicken in order to avail the complete benefits of the latest version.

Let’s go through the process of uninstalling Quicken in Windows 10.

Process to Uninstall Quicken in Windows 10

  1. Initially, you have to click the start button and choose the control panel.
  2. Click on uninstall a program option that is under programs.
  3. Now, in the list of programs search Quicken.
  4. Finally, click on uninstall and follow through the prompts until the program is removed.

Process to Uninstall Quicken in Windows 7 and 8

  1. In the beginning, click the start button and choose the Control Panel.
  2. You have to click the “uninstall a program” link. With this, the uninstall or change a program window will open on your system.
  3. Next, select the version of Quicken and you have to click the uninstall/change button.
  4. Add the administrator password and follow the on-screen instructions for uninstalling Quicken software.

How to Uninstall Quicken for Mac?

Uninstalling Quicken requires a two-step process:

  • To begin with, in your application folder, locate Quicken.
  • Into the trash folder, drag the Quicken icon.

Once Quicken software is moved to the trash folder, your uninstallation process is complete.

In case you are uninstalling Quicken through the Control Panel, run the QCleanUI tool for uninstalling Quicken. The QClean tool is an easy way to remove Quicken from your system.

Important:  Back up your Quicken data file before proceeding.

If you are still not able to install or uninstall Quicken for Windows after a patch release, then chances are that the software isn’t installed properly on your PC. You should use QCleanUI to ensure that you have properly reinstalled the software.

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Process to Download QCleanUI

QCleanUI is the tool that will help you in correcting installation or patching issues. It is not used for fixing data troubles or passwords such as Quicken software ID password, vault password.

Follow the process to download QCleanUI:

  1. To start with, you should take back up your Quicken data.
  2. Secondly, uninstall Quicken with the Add/Remove programs feature. In case you didn’t find Quicken in the list of programs, move to step 3.
  3. A new folder needs to be created.
  4. Afterwards, click MSICLEAN.exe and then save the file to the new folder.
  5. Click QcleanUI.exe
  6. Save the file to the same new folder.
  7. Double-click on QcleanUI.exe in the new folder.
  8. You have to choose clean all versions, and then click on a clean option.
  9. Close QcleanUI by selecting quit.

Process to Rename Quicken shared folders

Steps to rename Quicken shared folders:

  1. You need to right right-click on the Windows start icon, then select file explorer and go to the view tab and click options.
  2. Choose the change folder and search option, then go to the view tab.
  3. Click show hidden files, folders and drives in the advanced settings list.
  4. Then click apply and press ok.
  5. Now, right-click the Quicken folder on the C:\Program Data\Intuit folder.
  6. Choose rename, give the name of a folder and press Enter.
  7. Right click the Quicken folder on the C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Intuit folder, right-click the Quicken folder.
  8. Choose the rename option, give the folder a different name and press enter.
  9. Repeat 2nd and 3rd steps for each user.
  10. In the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folder, you have to right-click the Quicken installation folder.
  11. Then, select rename, give the folder a name and press enter.
  12. Lastly, restart your PC and install Quicken once more.

Now, let’s find out the situations in which you may need to uninstall Quicken from your system.

Reasons to Uninstall Quicken

Here are some situations in which you may need to uninstall Quicken:

  • Improper installation of Quicken software.
  • Program conflict issue between Quicken and other programs on the PC.
  • There is no need to use the software anymore.
  • You find some issues with the program or in the system.
  • The software is corrupted.
  • You are unable to install the latest version of the software because an older version already exists on your system.
  • The accounting software is crashing or freezing.

In a Nutshell

We hope that this blog has provided you with a clear understanding of what is Quicken and the uninstallation process of Quicken in Windows 10, 7, 8, and Mac. Along with this, the article has also provided you the vital knowledge of the procedure to download QCleanUI, renaming Quicken shared folders and reasons to uninstall Quicken. Certainly, the process of uninstalling Quicken is not tricky but if you get stuck somewhere in the middle while implementing the steps, you can connect with our experts.

Uninstall Quicken process is simple but if you are still facing issues, then dial the Quicken Support Phone Number.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Is it possible to run two versions of Quicken on the same PC?

A: A file can be moved from one system to another, but you cannot use it simultaneously on both the computers. The financial software needs to be installed on every PC.

Ques2- What is the work of Quicken?

A: Quicken allows you to keep track of your money, pay bills, keep records of your budget, manage investment, track the value of your home, and so on.

Q3: Tell me the process of installation/reinstallation of Quicken for Windows from a CD?

A: Here are the process to install/reinstall Quicken for Windows:

1. Firstly, insert the Quicken CD into CD drive. Installation begins automatically.
2. You will see the window saying welcome. You will get the guidance for the setup of Quicken.
3. Then, click “let’s go”.
4. After accepting the license agreement, give a check mark to I agree to the terms option.
5. Click next.
6. Now, you have to click “Install” to continue.
7. You will see the installation progress of Quicken and will install updates, if it is available.
8. You will see the installation complete on your computer screen. Quicken will get open on your 9. 9. system screen after clicking on the done option.  In case you are not ready to open Quicken yet, 10 you have to uncheck the box which is below the start using Quicken now.
9. Finally, sign in with your Quicken ID and password and complete the registration process. The Quicken software will automatically open the most recent data file on your PC screen.

Q4: Do I need to upgrade Quicken every year?

A: In spite of purchasing upgrades every year, its users automatically continue to get the Quicken latest version as per their membership.

Q5: Why I am getting Quicken installation error?

A: You are receiving the Quicken installation error because your computer system is not meeting the minimum requirements.

To fix the Quicken installation error, follow the steps:

You have to locate the Quicken installer
2. Then, right-click the installer and choose the properties option.
3. Now, choose the compatibility tab in the properties window.
4. In the compatibility mode section, you have to uncheck the run this program in compatibility mode for box.
5. Click on the apply option and then press ok.
6. Install Quicken again.
7. You have to locate the Quicken installer
8. Then, right-click the installer and choose the properties option.
9. Now, choose the compatibility tab in the properties window.
10. In the compatibility mode section, you have to uncheck the run this program in compatibility mode for box.
11. Click on the apply option and then press ok.
12. Install Quicken again.

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