How to use QuickBooks Online? – A Detail Guide

how to use quickbooks online

QuickBooks Online is the perfect solution for service-based businesses that don’t comprise of complex invoicing requirements. It manages your accounting in a hassle-free manner.

QuickBooks Online Supports– Chrome, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Safari 6.1, Chrome on Android, and Safari on Ios7

QuickBooks Online Access– Android web app, iPhone, Blackberry

Version– Cloud-based

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based financial management software that helps you to create invoices and estimates, handles customer supplies and orders, track cash flow and sales. Apart from this, the software monitors the taxes and the performance of the company to make the budget plan for the future. You must be aware of how to use QuickBooks Online in case you have any plans for startups.

How to use QuickBooks Online?

QB Online offers various functions. To learn how you can perform the variety of essentials things, let’s go through the points:

  • How to Undo Reconciliation in QB Online?

Undo reconciliation in QuickBooks Online is done when the payment is recorded for the wrong date or statement date is incorrect.  You have to perform these steps to undo rec

  • In the beginning, open QuickBooks Online.
  • Then after choose Registers from the banking menu.
  • Next, select the account in your register name drop-down list.
  • Click on the transaction for which you wish to undo reconciliation.
  • Finally, delete the letter “R”.

 To begin with, you have to add the company’s info, select the account and settings, select the date of the fiscal year, add a logo to your QB account, set default payment terms, and finally create your first invoice. If you want to know the procedure of how to setup QuickBooks Online, then you have to go through the steps given below:

  • Enter Company’s Info
  • Pic an Accounting method
  • Choose Company Logo
  • Setup Payment Terms
  • Customize Invoice and Payment Processing

If you want to set up job-costing in QuickBooks Online, then you need to ensure that QuickBooks is correctly configured on your PC. Then, you have to design the job types before assigning jobs to the clients. Next, set-up job for the customers and produce bills. You need to produce advanced reporting. Finally, estimate and modify orders regularly.

  • How to Create an Income Statement in QuickBooks?

Instructions to create an income statement in QuickBooks:

  • To begin with, find the income statements in QuickBooks, according to the version.
  • Then, you have to select the income statement report format.
  • After that, customize income statement as per your requirements like notes, statement basis, columns, dates, and many more things.
  • Next, produce your income statement.
  • In the end, save, print, and then send your income statement.

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  • How to Set up Sales Tax in QB Online?

Adding a sales tax in QuickBooks Online is an easy process. You have to go through the steps to set up QuickBooks sales tax:

  • Add a tax rate and agency in QB sales tax.
  • Then, add a combined rate.
  • Edit a tax rate, configure QuickBooks sales tax settings.
  • Deactivate a tax rate.

The following are the few Intuit websites that acts as a guide when it comes to using online:

  1. Quickopedia

Quickopedia is a useful website that helps you find out the answers related to QuickBooks Online.

  1. QuickBooks Connect Conference

Connect Conference facility will bring thousands of business individuals at one platform to gain and share knowledge for QB Online.

  1. Intuit Academy

Intuit academy is a great place to learn about QB Online.

  1. QBO Blog

The official QB blog proffers you tricks, tips, and product updates for Online.

These are the resources center that are effective in guiding you about the usage of QB online.


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Features of QuickBooks Online

Let’s discuss the excellent features of QuickBooks Online:

  • Third Accountant User

You have the freedom to add up to three accountant users. The particular feature assists you to meet your specific accounting needs.

  • Custom User Permissions

With the help of custom user permissions, in QuickBooks Online you can choose the number of users and also set up a new role to access different areas like expenses, sales, banking, and payroll.

  • Built-in Reports

The built-in feature assists you to create financial reports. In addition, you can mark the reports as a favorite that you use most of the time.

  • Automatic Backups

The data related to your business accounts automatically backup your data. You don’t have to get worried about losing your data.

  • Electronic Invoicing

Another feature of QuickBooks online is electronic invoicing that provides you the facility to invoice the customer electronically. You can track the invoices via email, accept online payments, and send invoices to the customer through the system.

  • Mobile apps

You can use the software on your mobile apps and view your business’s finances from anywhere, anytime.


In a nutshell, we can see that QuickBooks is a flexible and easy to use accounting software. It saves your time as well as things get organized because of the versatility of the feature. Till now, we have discussed QB Online in different ways so that you don’t face any difficulties whilst mastering the software for business purposes. Besides, the blog has helped you in understanding QB Online through different Intuit resources. In the content, the definition gives a clear understanding of what QuickBooks Online is. The software’s various features will make your decision easy when it comes purchasing the tool. Furthermore, Intuit provided resources equip you with different websites that enhance your knowledge about the software. Alternatively,  how to use QuickBooks Online section, will tell you about the software more briefly.

If you want to know more about QuickBooks Online tutorial or how to use QuickBooks Online, then you can dial the QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Tell me the differences between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed

A: QuickBooks Online is perfect for tracking bank and business credit card expenses from your business accounts. Whereas, QuickBooks Self-Employed tracks business credit and bank expenses from business and personal accounts.

Q2: What can QuickBooks Online offer?

A: QB Online allows you to create invoices, track expenses and sales, manage accounts payable, automatic calculations of tax, captures mobile receipt, manages your bill, enhanced financial data protection, and so on.

Q3: What are the resources to learn QuickBooks Online?

Ans- These are the different resources to learn about the software:

1. Udemy
2. QuickBooks Tutorials
3. LinkedIn learning
4. Dummies
5. GCF learn free
6. Fit Small business
7. QuickBooks Training

Q4: What are the pros of using QuickBooks Online?

A: 1. It is simple to use
2. You can access QuickBooks from anywhere, anytime
3. Good for small and medium-sized businesses

Q5: How should I add expenses in QuickBooks Online?

Ans-  To add expenses in QB Online, you have to follow the steps as given below:

1. Go to the home page and click on the + sign.
2. You will see the transaction menu.
3. Now, under the vendors menu you will see the different choices like check and bill, expense.
4. Lastly, add expenses in online.

Reviews of QuickBooks Online Users

Read the user reviews of the software who have used it and shared their views:

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