Using Intuit Merchant Services to receive payments from Clients

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Intuit QuickBooks is, generally aimed towards satisfying the accounting needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Intuit Merchant Services or QuickBooks Payments include all sorts of merchant processing.  Additionally, by using Merchant Services, you can process credit and debit card payments at prices as low as 1.50%. Furthermore, with Intuit Merchant Services, you get invoicing, e-commerce support, and ACH payments at a suitable price. It’s great that Intuit is working towards providing efficient payment solutions. But there’s a problem, it has come up with too many options in the market.

You have almost 15 different processing plans integrated with QuickBooks Payments.

First of all, we’ve options in the technology involved. You have four different options, online, desktop, the point of sale, and mobile. Secondly, we’ve integration options for Windows (Desktop), Online, and Intuit GoPayment.

Then you’ve options based on versions available.

How Much Do You Get with Intuit Merchant Services?

Easy Integration with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Merchant Services account incorporates all the processing requirements into QuickBooks. It is applicable to all QuickBooks products. You can accept credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers (ACH) online. The direct payment integration feature auto-updates all the invoices and books upon a sale.

All this at rates as low as 1.5% for Enterprise, and 1.75% for Pro, Premier and Online version.


Here you can set the payment preferences. The mode of payment you would likely accept from customers. Now, the customers can view the online and cross-check while it gets updated. It ensures that the correct due/outstanding amount is displayed.

As a merchant, you get notified as you receive the payment. The invoice gets mark as paid.


You can now process the customers’ checks with QuickBooks Desktop. It auto-updates the invoices and auto-deposits payments with 2-3 days, saving you a trip to the bank.

EMV Ready

QuickBooks Merchants Account is EMV ready. You just need to use it with an EMV reader to avoid liability for costs associated with credit card frauds.

Compatible with Mobile Payments and e-Commerce Payments

The GoPayment interface makes mobile payment processing easy. You can maximize the sales by reading credit cards on mobile. It easily connects with shopping carts such as WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. In addition, it comes with 128-bit SSL encryption.


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A lot depends upon the version of QuickBooks you’re using. Let’s look at some plans-

QuickBooks Online Payments

It is a payment solution intended towards the users of QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online Payments can be integrated with QB Online.

  • You can set up recurring payments, send invoices, and accept swiped transactions with sales receipt on the go using this plan.
  • You can auto-populate the invoice and sales receipts from the customer catalog and product/service catalog.
  • QuickBooks Online has a mobile app for Android and iOS. It also allows you to connect GoPayment Readers to accept payments.
  • The processing rates in this version are relatively cheaper and most notably, the ACH transfers are free.

QuickBooks Desktop Payments

It is difficult to accept mobile payments with QuickBooks Desktop Payments. The main reason being the inability of GoPayments to sync with the Desktop version.

  • You can set up recurring payments, send invoices, and accept swiped transactions with sales receipt on the go using this plan.
  • You can auto-populate the invoice and sales receipts from the customer catalog and product/service catalog.
  • The ACH transfers are not free. You’re, charged $1 per transaction.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

It’s a payment solution aimed towards the brick and mortar retail shops.

  • It aims towards total automation. You don’t need to enter any data, it auto-populates invoices for you.
  • It is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop as it is a desktop-based system.
  • You don’t get ACH transfers with QuickBooks Point of Sale since it’s desktop based.
  • Purchase the hardware from third-party vendors for QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • You can accept payments, ring sales, track inventory, track and reward customers, and sync with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks eCommerce

QuickBooks eCommerce as the name suggests is a payment processing solution for online retailers.

  • There are a payment gateway and an API with a hosted page.
  • It is compatible with major Shopping cart providers like Big-commerce and Shopify.
  • It’s better to use QuickBooks eCommerce when you’re using QuickBooks Payments for other aspects of the business. Otherwise, you’ll end up shelling a lot of money.
  • You don’t get ACH transfers in QuickBooks eCommerce.

QuickBooks GoPayment

GoPayment is a mobile payment interface integrated with QuickBooks.

  • It syncs with QuickBooks Online and allows you to take payments via mobiles and tabs.
  • You can enter quick sale without selecting the product using the items library.
  • You can also collect tips and taxes, so it’s a good option if you’re using QuickBooks Online.

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