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How to Use Payment Links in QuickBooks Online and Desktop?

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Payment Links in QuickBooks

Payment links allow businesses to create unique web links or QR codes that customers can use to make payments. These links are attached to particular invoices, sales receipts, or estimates in QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

Businesses can customize payment links by adding their company logo and branding, making them recognizable and professional. Customers can click on these links to complete their payments securely, often using various payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, or digital wallets.

Payment links provide a convenient and efficient way for businesses to collect payments from their customers, whether they’re paying online or in person. They also enable businesses to track the status of payments and receive notifications when payments are made, making the payment collection process easier.

In this article, we’ll go through how to Set up and manage Payment links in QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

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How to Set up Payment Links In QuickBooks Online?

To Create a Payment Link:

  1. Go to the Sales and then select Payment Links.
Payment Links window in QuickBooks Online
  1. In your QuickBooks Payments account, select Create My Link.
Create a Payment Link in QuickBooks Online
  1. If you don’t have a payments account, create one by selecting Sign up by clicking on Get Started.
  2. Select the kind of link you want to create.
  • If you want a person to pay for something just once, use a One-time payment link
  • If you’re selling the same thing to multiple customers and making recurrent sales of identical products or services, use a Multi-use payment link.
  1. Select Next
How do you want to get paid in QuickBooks Online?
Note: Include an option for online payment right on the invoice, if you want to give your customers some extra time to pay. 
  1. Optional: You can personalize your payment link URL by adding your business name.
  2. Enter the amount your customer owes you or the amount you want your customer to pay 
  3. Add the description in “What product or services is this for” box 
Note: Your customer will be able to see this above-mentioned description.
  1. Select “I’m selling a product and delivering it after I get paid” if you’re delivering the product after you’re paid.
  2. Choose what payment methods you want your customer to pay you with.
  3. Select Create Link.
Add information to create link in QuickBooks Online

You can now copy the link and send it to your customer through email or text message.

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How do your Customers Pay you using the Link?

  • You have the option to share a multi-use payment link on social media or through email campaigns. 
  • Another option is to showcase your payment link as a QR code, enabling customers to scan and make payments instantly in person.
  • When customers click on your payment link, they’ll be directed to a page where they can complete the payment. Here, they can select their preferred payment method from the options you previously specified. 
  • Importantly, customers don’t need a QuickBooks account to make the payment.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email, confirming payment.

Managing your Payment Links

  1. Go to Sales in QuickBooks Online
  2. Access Invoices and then select Payment links to view the status of your links such as viewed, sent, paid, and deposited.
  3. Decide whether you want to see your one-time links or multi-use links.
  4. Monitor if any errors have occurred or if customers are facing issues with your links.
  5. For one-time links, you can send reminders to your customers.
  6. You can view link details and edit them if they haven’t been viewed by a customer yet for both types of links.
  7. Once your customer has made the payment using the link, you’ll have access to view the sales receipt created for that transaction.

Now, you’re all set to receive quick payments anytime, anywhere simply by creating a payment link.

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How to Record Bank Deposits from QuickBooks Payments in QuickBooks Desktop?

Note: In QuickBooks Desktop Payment links work once and automatically expire when the customer pays you.
Important: You should have QuickBooks Payments to create and use payment links.

Create a Payment Link in QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Access the QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Select payment links on the Dashboard
  3. Or, go to Customers and select Payment links.
Payment Links in QuickBooks Desktop
  1. Then, Click on Create Payment Link.
  2. Enter the amount your customer owes you or you want your customer to pay.
  3. Write down the description on what product or services are you selling? section.
Note: Your customer will be able to view this description.
  1. Select a customer name or add a new customer.
  2. Provide the email address of the customer you’d like to send the link to.
  3. Choose the payment method.
  4. Select the Send payment link. Your customer will receive this payment link via email.

Feel free to copy the link and send it through another email or text message if you wish.

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Choose Payment Method

  1. When your customer clicks on your payment link, they’ll be directed to the payment gateway page.
  2. They can pick how they want to pay, and they don’t need a QuickBooks account for this.
  3. After the payment is done, you’ll receive a confirmation email regarding the same. 
  4. Once your customer pays using the link, QuickBooks will update their account by adding credit against the customer.

Credit Against Customer

  • Head to Merchant Service Deposit and match the amount paid through the payment links to mark them as credits against that customer.
  • These credits can be used when creating an invoice for the customer in the future.
  • You also have the option to send reminders, check link details, and make changes to your link if it hasn’t been seen by a customer yet.

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Payment links in QuickBooks Online and Desktop are a convenient method for businesses to gather payments from customers. These links can be customized and tracked, which simplifies the payment process and allows businesses to stay updated on transaction status effectively.

Overall, payment links empower businesses to collect payments and efficiently manage transactions, ensuring swift and convenient payment processing from anywhere, at any time. For any query regarding QuickBooks contact us at the toll-free number: +1-855-875-1223.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add a Payment Link to QuickBooks Online?

1. Go to the “Sales” section and click on “Payment Links.”
2. Click on the “New” button.
3. Write a short description for the payment link. Your customer will see this.
4. Choose a customer from the list provided.
5. Enter the amount of money your customer needs to pay.
6. Choose a way for your customer to pay, like a credit card or bank transfer.
7. Click on the “Send” button to send the payment link to your customer.

How to Use the Payment Link?

1. You create a payment link using your payment service.
2. You send this link to your customer.
3. When the customer clicks on the link, they’re get to a secure page to finish the payment.
4. You receive a notification confirming the payment.

What are the Ways a Payment Link can be Delivered to a Customer in QuickBooks Online?

1. Sending via Email: Clients can send a Payments link to customers through email.
2. Accessing from QuickBooks Online (QBO) by Customers: Customers can access QuickBooks Online, go to “Pay and get paid,” select “Vendors,” and then choose “Payments link” to access the link.
3. Sending via Text Message from Client’s Mobile Phone: Clients can also send a Payments link as a text message directly from their mobile phones.

Why is my QuickBooks Payment Link not Working?

It may have expired. One-time payment links automatically expire after your customer completes the payment, ensuring secure transactions and usage limited to a single instance. They work well for collecting payment for a single product or service from a single customer within a short timeframe.

How Much is QuickBooks Payment Link Fees?

ACH Bank Transfer:

Fee: 1% (Maximum of $10). This option is ideal for electronic transfers directly from a bank account.

Credit Card:

1. Swiped:

Fee: 2.4% + 25 cents. Use this method when processing credit card payments in person, such as at a physical store or event.

2. Online Invoice:

Fee: 2.9% + 25 cents. When you send invoices to customers via email or an online platform, this fee structure applies.

3. Keyed:

Fee: 3.4% + 25 cents. This option is for manually entering credit card details, such as when processing payments over the phone or through a virtual terminal.

Do QBO Payment Links Expire?

Yes, QuickBooks Online one-time Payment links expire. 

How to Attach a Payment to an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop?

1. From the QuickBooks Home page or the Customers menu, select Receive Payment.
2. In the Received From drop-down, select the customer’s name.
3. Enter the Amount received.
4. Make sure the date is correct, then choose the Payment method.
5. Select the invoice or invoices you’d like to pay.
6. To add a discount or credit, select Discounts and Credits.
7. Select Save & Close.

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