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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error C=272?

QuickBooks Error C=272

It is annoying to encounter errors while you were doing something important and had to stop because of an error. QuickBooks Error C=272 occurs when running QuickBooks Verify Data Utility or QB Rebuild data utility in your computer.

The solutions also depend on the cause of the QuickBooks error; hence it is imminent to know what led to the error C=272.  Therefore, we will first glance on the causes and then move on to the solutions to rectify the QB Error C=272.

Note :

a) Try restarting QuickBooks Software and see if the error c=272 is resolved. In this scenario, it might be a case of Data damage.

b) You need to rule out the possibility of any data damage before trying out the solutions. Try opening a sample Company file and if you can see the error there then disable ‘ Windows 10 Compatibility ’. 

Fix QuickBooks Error C=272 in 4 steps 

The QB c=272 problem needs to be solved in a systematic and recommended manner. Below given are the four recommended steps to rectify the issue. As told above, ensure that there is no data damage before trying out the solution. 

Step 1- Try Opening QuickBooks Sample Company file 

Try Opening QuickBooks Sample Company file

  • Open QuickBooks and press and hold CTRL options simultaneously.
  • When you are at ‘No Company Open’ window, then release ‘’
  • In case the error occurs before ‘No Company Open’ window appears on the screen, then move onto the next
  • Press the‘ Open sample file’ option, and choose a sample file from the list.
  • Now click ‘Open sample file’ option and click ‘sample file’ from the list.
  • Now open the sample file.


  1. If the sample company file opens without showing any error, then you can navigate to ‘Verifying & rebuilding QuickBooks company data else restore company file from backup.
  2. If the error is there when opening the sample company file then move onto the next step. 

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Step 2 – Disable ‘Windows 10 compatibility mode’ through QuickBooks Desktop shortcut icon 

  • Right-click on QuickBooks Shortcut icon
  • Next, select Properties
  • Click ‘Compatibility’ tab
  • Ensure to unmark the Checkbox that says ‘Run program in compatibility
  • Press OK
  • Press ‘Cancel’ option and move to the next step.

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Step 3 – Disable Windows Compatibility for ‘qbw32.exe’ file. 

Disable Windows Compatibility for ‘qbw32.exe’ file.

  • Right-Click on QB icon on Windows desktop
  • Click ‘Properties’
  • Open ‘QB Installation folder’ and click ‘’
  • Press ‘Find ’
  • Next, right-click on qbw32.exe and press ‘Properties’ option
  • Click ‘Compatibility’
  • Unmark checkbox saying ‘Run Program in Compatibility’
  • Click OK
  • Now, click ‘Cancel’ option if the checkbox is not clicked
  • Shut down the ‘Windows Explorer’ and QuickBooks Desktop shortcut Properties’.

Step 4 – Open QB and the Company file 

The problem is resolved now, and you can try opening the Company file to see if the QuickBooks Error code c=272 is resolved.

Open QB and the Company file 

If by chance you could not open the Company file, and the QuickBooks Error code c=272 is still there then possibly there is some other problem is behind it. Call at  QuickBooks Error Support Number in case you require any technical assistance.

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