Features and Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager Application

quickbooks file manager

QuickBooks is an all in one accounting suite intended mainly for small and medium businesses. It can perform all the accounting tasks like managing invoices to filing tax forms and paying taxes. QuickBooks File Manager is an application for QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant. It performs file managing tasks like storing company files and storing usernames and password, in a secure environment.

Using QB File Manager Application, you can easily import the client’s QB files. The app makes it easier for you to upgrade from one QuickBooks version to another.

Features of QuickBooks File Manager Application

Allows you to Merge and Manage Client Folders

  • You can view the grouped client list into preferred groups based on your clients.
  • QuickBooks File Manager Application groups the files according to year automatically in Groups dropdown.
  • You can manage the groups also. Go to Groups->Add/Edit groups.
  • You can delete a group by selecting Delete Current group.
  • You can also search clients in the search option.
  • Merge client folders. Select two folders, right-click and select the merge option.
  • When you select a client from the client list, all the information gets populated into the files tab. If the file is, opened through the file manager, then the file information is, displayed in the information tab.

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Password Vault Feature 

  • Another revolutionary feature of File Manager Application is Password Vault. It stores all the information of any company file you have on the system.
  • You can also manage the passwords of company files by visiting the File Manager Application.
  • You can also manage the password vault login info using File Manager Application.

Batch Upgrade Feature

  • The Batch upgrade is a powerful feature when you’re upgrading from one QuickBooks version to another.
  • You can select multiple company files and upgrade them at once. It’s very time-consuming.

QuickBooks File Manager Backup 

QB File Manager Application has a backup system. It saves your settings and directories. In case you experience data loss, you can restore the backup.

QuickBooks File Manager Backup 

How Can QuickBooks File Manager Help You?

If you work across various versions of QuickBooks on multiple files then File Manager will help you. It becomes very difficult for a user to remember the passwords for QuickBooks data files. The password vault may come to your aid at times.

Using the file manager backup feature, you can avoid data loss too.

If you’re facing any issues with your QuickBooks File Manager Application, contact at QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

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