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How to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks?

import credit card transactions into quickbooks

QuickBooks online has introduced a great feature that will help you save a lot of time and effort. You can now download and import credit card transactions into QuickBooks which will manage your finances and budget.

In this blog, we will describe the steps to import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Online easily. Moreover, we have provided detailed steps to download transactions in CSV format.

Things to Remember

  • You have to add a column for QuickBooks account number while downloading a file from your credit card company. If you already have an account number then provide the lowest sub-account number.
  • There is a ‘pay’ column in the file which gets downloaded from the credit company containing extra details like merchant id. You can mold this column to match it with the vendor name.
  • There is no compulsion to add a new value to your import file. There is an option to give a default value when you import credit card transactions into QuickBooks desktop.
  • To import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Online, you will have to enter credits manually.
  • If you want to download transactions of more than 90 days then you need to import your transaction in Excel format (CSV or QBO file).

Easy Steps to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks Online

Step 1: Select Your Banking Center

  • First of all, enter your bank/credit card name in the search bar.
  • Now choose your bank/credit card company from the list.
  • If you couldn’t find your credit card company or you wish to download 90 days transaction then you have to do it using CSV format.

Step 2. Login to your business and credit card account

Login using your ID and password. It may take a few minutes to connect your bank with QuickBooks.

Step 3. Select your credit card account

  • Tick mark each account you want to connect with QuickBooks.
  • Next, you have to enter your bank account name.
  • Select the QuickBooks account where you have linked your bank account.
  • If you are unable to find it, then add account from the drop-down list.

Step 4. Choose the right date range

  • The transactions are usually downloaded in 90 days. In case you need transactions of more than 90 days then it is necessary to download it using CSV format.
  • If you need transactions for a shorter date range then click on the link “need a shorter date range”.

Step 5. Click on Connect

Click on the Connect button to download all the transactions into QuickBooks.

Note: There is no undo option once the transactions are downloaded. Therefore, make sure that you select the correct account because later you will have to delete all the transactions and downloaded it again.

Step 6. Transactions are downloaded

Once the transactions have been downloaded, you will get a message “We successfully downloaded your transactions. Hooray!”.

Step 7. Review Your Downloaded transactions

  • Check your credit card account and balance in the banking center.
  • If you wish to track another credit card account then click on add account and follow step 1.

How to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks Online with CSV file?

  • Firstly, choose Transaction and Banking.
  • Upload your file or transaction by clicking on Upload a file option.
  • Choose the QuickBooks account you wish to lick with the credit card account.
  • You can Add Account from the drop-down list if you do not have an account in QuickBooks.
  • Fill up the required fields to set up your account.
  • After entering all the details, map QuickBooks Online fields to your bank account fields.
  • Follow the below steps to map QuickBooks Online:
  1. Select the date column, then choose the date format.
  2. Now go to description and click on the file.
  3. You will get positive and negative numbers in a single column.
  4. Choose the column with a negative number.
  • Tick transaction you want to import into QuickBooks and select Next.
  • QuickBooks will confirm the transaction.
  • Click on Yes to confirm.
  • Finally, your transaction has been downloaded.

Although, this article will help you import credit card transactions easily if you still need any technical aid then call us on QuickBooks Support Contact Number. Talk to our QuickBooks ProAdvisor and get the best solutions to all QuickBooks related issues.

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