How to Upgrade TurboTax? – A Detail Guide

turbotax upgrade

Nowadays, filing taxes online becomes faster, easier, and more affordable each year with the help of various tax software available in the market. One such tax software ‘TurboTax’ that is the most popular tax-preparation software across the globe. However, you might not be liking filing taxes with TurboTax if you are looking for a low-cost option. Well, in the following post, we are going to explain the procedure of TurboTax upgrade from Free File to Premier, or Premier to TurboTax Online.
Here’s a look at the steps of how to upgrade TurboTax from the lowest version to higher. If you find any issues while applying the steps, get in touch with our team.

How to Upgrade TurboTax?

TurboTax does a great job when it comes to satisfying your requirement during the tax seasons. However, not everyone can afford to buy TurboTax to file their taxes and may be satisfied with cheaper options. Let’s have a look at the steps for TurboTax upgrades accordingly.

Upgrading from TurboTax Free File to TurboTax Premier

Well, you can’t upgrade TurboTax Free File to any other version. If you want to use regular TurboTax, replace the current account for Free File with a new account.

Steps to Upgrade TurboTax for Windows Software

Before upgrading TurboTax software, you must keep in mind that the upgrading procedure is a one-way street that means you can’t downgrade TurboTax back to the original version.

If you are also interested to upgrade your TurboTax for Windows software, follow the underneath steps.

  • First of all, open your return in TurboTax and choose Upgrade TurboTax.
  • Secondly, choose the version that needs to be upgraded in the new window.
  • After that, follow the ongoing prompts to buy the upgrade.
  • Finally, you need to continue working on the return without reverting to the starting.

Steps to Upgrade to a Higher Version of TurboTax Online

If you are looking for the steps to upgrade the TurboTax software to a higher version of TurboTax Online, check out the following list. We have included all the steps to upgrade the same to the higher version. If in case, you got stuck in any issues, contact our experts.

  • The first step is to sign in to TurboTax and in your return.
  • After that, choose the Upgrade option in the menu. If you are unable to find the option, choose the menu icon present in the upper-left corner.
  • Next, you need to choose the version that needs to be upgraded.
  • You will be asked to pay in case of printing or e-filing your taxes. Or, you can also prepay by following the steps mentioned below.
    • Initially, choose the File and click on the Start or Revisit option under the Review your order.
    • After that, select View payment options when the summary of your order displays on the screen.
    • Next, click on Pay with Credit Card when you see the How you would like to pay for TurboTax pop up on the screen.
    • Give the credit card information and press Continue.
    • Finally, go to Tax Home to run the upgraded features.

how to upgrade turbotax

Come to the End!

Hopefully, the post has proved to be worthy for you while understanding ‘TurboTax upgrade?’ Some users of TurboTax feel the advanced features provided by TurboTax are not what they need right now. As the things would be manageable even if some features and functionalities will not be there. Just in case, you are facing trouble while applying the steps to upgrade TurboTax and looking for assistance, get in touch with our professionals at QASolved. We will try to provide you with immediate assistance.


Q1: How to upgrade from TurboTax Free File to TurboTax Premier?

A: You can follow the underneath steps to upgrade from TurboTax Free File to Premier. 
1. First of all, visit 
2. After that, click on your product and you will be asked how you last filed the taxes. 
3. Now, you need to log in to the account. 
4. You will be asked if you want to upgrade the TurboTax software.
5. Finally, choose the step that follows the ongoing instructions.

Q2: What is the cost of upgrading TurboTax?

A: The cost of upgrading TurboTax Basic to Home & Business is nearly $70.00. And, the cost to upgrade from Deluxe to Premier is about $30.00.

Q3: How to start over on TurboTax?

A: Underneath are the complete steps that help you in starting over on TurboTax software. 
1. The first step is to sign in to the TurboTax account and choose a topic to continue your return.
2. After that, choose Tax Tools from the left-side menu. 
3. Click on Clear & Start Over or choose the menu icon when you don’t see the Clear & Start Over option.
4. Finally, choose Yes on the confirmation window.

Q4: Which one to choose TurboTax Basic or Deluxe?

A: You can go with the TurboTax Basic if you don’t have complex financial transactions to report on your taxes. On the other hand, TurboTax Deluxe will be the best option if you want to avail of some extra features and functionalities.

Q5: Do you need to buy a new TurboTax every year?

A: Yes, you have to buy a new TurboTax every year for both desktop and online software. The exceptional case is that if you have an online free version, you can file for free for Federal & State early in the tax year.

Q6: How can you switch from TurboTax Deluxe to free?

A: Go through the following steps to switch from TurboTax Deluxe to free. 
1. Initially, choose the Tax Tools while working on the online tax return.
2. And then, select Clear & Start Over. 
3. You can also use the TurboTax Free File Program which is free of cost for both a state tax return and federal.

Q7: Can you file with TurboTax 2021?

A: According to IRS, the processing of tax returns will be continued in Feb 2021. You can start working on TurboTax from now for filing taxes and accepting tax returns. Once the filing deadline passed 60 days, the IRS can impose a penalty.

Q8: Is TurboTax worth upgrading?

A: Yes, you have to upgrade TurboTax time-to-time to avail of the advanced features and functionalities. Although, you should look for the latest features of TurboTax and then compare them with the pricing. This will help you to guide in the right direction.

Q9: What if you can’t find the upgrade option in TurboTax Online?

A: If you are unable to find the upgrade option, then follow the below-mentioned steps. 
1. First of all, sign in to your return and check for the upgrade option on the left-hand side of the screen. 
2. Or, you might face issues because of upgrading TurboTax via mobile apps.
3. Make sure that the window is not minimized. 
4. Enter all personal details before starting your return so that you can find the upgrade option at the left corner of the screen.

Q10: Can we upgrade to TurboTax live in TurboTax Desktop?

A: No, you can’t upgrade TurboTax live in the desktop version. But, we recommend getting in touch with us to check a discount or credit by switching from your desktop to any of the TurboTax Online versions. After that, you can upgrade TurboTax Online to Live.

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