Benefits of Using Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment Service

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Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment is a viable and simple choice what your business demands regardless of numerous payment processing options available nowadays. All the parameters have well-thought-out to meet your business requirement about accepting the payment from your customers. In addition, Intuit GoPayment is the premier steamroll of mobility to ensure that all aspects are met and accomplished. QuickBooks GoPayment applies to realize the business conclusiveness in the real sense by receiving the payments on time. Intuit’s GoPayment Service unquestionably is the Right solution for the business owners, being feasible for Integration nearly with all QuickBooks versions including QuickBooks Online. Furthermore, QB GoPayment makes Intuit Merchant Services an absolute Solution for all type of businesses basis some fundamental factors mentioned below.

Save Big on Time, Effort and Money with Intuit GoPayment

Out of Box Integration feature of Intuit GoPayment Service with QuickBooks keep you away from any technical setbacks. Banking and Card Processing transactions downloaded and reconciled in your QuickBooks Software. QuickBooks as a Heritage Accounting Software is used by 70 % small and Mid-Size businesses that enable to have bespoke financials reports. Intuit’s GoPayment Service transaction fee calculator gives you an upfront insight into the exact cost of a transaction fee.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment

GoPayment Flexible Pricing Preferences

You can choose from GoPayment flavors that suit your business the best.

  • A flat monthly fee that doesn’t owes you no transaction fee. OR
  • Pay as you go with GoPayment with no Monthly Fixed Charges. The fee that applies per transaction is a little higher than the first option.

Diverse methods to Accept the Payments through GoPayment 

  • Accept Payments while on the move with GoPayment Mobile App.
  • QuickBooks Software can directly accept payments with GoPayment.
  • Lowest ever transaction charges with GoPayment.

Wide-ranging GoPayment Device Compatibility

GoPayment Service Has wide-range support with almost all types of mobile devices, Blackberry OS Phones are not supported with GoPayment. Android versions are widely supported with QuickBooks GoPayment.  You can Talk to us on our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  Speak with an expert for GoPayment compatibility Issues with the current device or if you are planning to buy a new.  GoPayment Phone Line is available 365 days. If you have any of the below-mentioned issues with GoPayment. 

  1. Problems accessing GoPayment
  2. Problems accessing the Merchant Service Center
  3. GoPayment using Problem
  4. Problems using the Merchant Service Center
  5. QuickBooks Card Reader Connection issues
  6. GoPayment error message
  7. GoPayment error 2700

Intuit GoPayment Virtual Online Terminal

Virtual Terminal can access from any web browser and multiple users can log in to it at the same time. Intuit GoPayment Virtual Terminal simplifies the process of emailing the payment receipts to your customers by entering card information and other specifics. Recurring Payment through Intuit GoPayment lets you charge the customers in parts.  This is a very useful option if your company sells services on a monthly subscription basis. Wide-range GoPayment Reporting offers filtering options and Export data from GoPayment to excel for further mulling as per your business requirements. The Virtual Terminal option is for the company who do not use QuickBooks or planning to migrate to QuickBooks in Future.

Reports in GoPayment

Go Payments offers you a wide range of reporting that assists you up to a reasonable extent. GoPayment Reports can further be exported to Excel and taken into a third-party reporting tool like Crystal Reports, Zoho Reports, Notion, Quid, Flexmonster Pivot Table, AppInsights, Yaware. Dashboard, DBxtra, Yellowfin, Qlik Sense Enterprise and Grow.  GoPayment QuickBooks Sync is an added advantage.

Common Problems accessing or using the Intuit Merchant Service Center

GoPayment users are likely to experience problems accessing the Intuit Merchant Service Centre or the problems mentioned earlier in this article. The GoPayment issues cited below can be solved with the steps as prescribed.

  • Errors when attempting to log in GoPayment or message You don’t have permission to access this site.”
  • GoPayment “Need a confirmation code” – Problems accessing Merchant Services.
  • Pages displaying incorrectly or not at all in Intuit Merchant Service Centre – caused by unreachability.
  • Incorrect or missing data – caused when Payment Canceled in GoPayment.
  • Issues printing from the Intuit Merchant Service Center – caused due to connectivity issues.
  • GoPayment Script errors – occur due to the problems in executing a command QuickBooks Application or its component requires to access a web-based feature.
  • Problem exporting data from Intuit Merchant Service center – due to sync issues.


Get our expert Quickbooks ProAdvisor on call to resolve your query in no-time.

Steps to Fix Intuit Merchant Service Center Problems

  1. Firstly, you need to enable Cookies.
  2. Redefine user roles in case of multiple user access to Intuit Merchant Service Centre.
  3. Thirdly, the sign-in attempt must be made with a particular email address to which a certain GoPayment feature is associated. Access to a certain feature will then occur.
  4. GoPayment Multi-factor authentication (MFA) must be momentarily disabled.
  5. Afterwards, try using internet explorer is you have page display issues to diagnose the issues.
  6. Then, clear the browser cache by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously from the keyboard.
  7. Change the Internet configuration and add https://* and https://* as trusted sites.
  8. Make Override Automatic Cookie Handling option active.
  9. Finally, update Java and Flash (Adobe player) as Intuit online applications use these components

Apart from this QuickBooks Card Reader Connection error are experienced. This issue comes when QuickBooks card reader not connecting with Your GoPayment App. QuickBooks GoPayment Connection error occurs due to Bluetooth reader pairing issues GoPayment app.  The troubleshooting steps for QuickBooks Card Reader Connection error are below:

QuickBooks GoPayments Application

QuickBooks Card reader Connection Error troubleshooting Steps

  1. Click Settings from the upper-left on the top.
  2. Then, after selecting the card reader. Click on Type and change the settings to Bluetooth Reader and select back arrow.
  3. Reboot your phone and turn on the Bluetooth. Your phone should discover QB21 Device.
  4. To allow your phone to detect the reader again, Select Add New Reader
  5. When you re-swipe the reader. The shall become visible under My Card Reader
  6. Try to process the payment to check if that works fine now.

If facing technical difficulties while using QuickBooks, Get in touch with us at QuickBooks Tech Support Number (Toll-Free) and speak to Certified QuickBooks Experts. Apart from this, QuickBooks GoPayment Support Team can also help you if you are not able to access payments feature in QuickBooks or to fix QuickBooks Payment Services issues in Internet Explorer too. We hope the information in this article is as per your quest and helpful too.

And you ever feel the need of taking advice from your fellow business owners that happened to be our existing subscribers, you can visit our thriving QuickBooks Community.

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