Creating Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop

quickbooks customize report

QuickBooks has gained immense popularity in recent years among small and medium business owners due to the ease it provides for keeping the accounts and managing the finances. The app has many uses, only if you know how to use it, you will be greatly benefited by it. For that to be a little simpler, we have tried to make a few articles regarding the usage. QuickBooks houses many pre-created reports for your convenience, but if you wish you can create your own Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop and mail them as well. In this article, we will teach you just that. So read on to find out more.

  1. Navigating to the Reports Page: The very first step involves taking ourselves to the Reports Page. Here you need to customize the Profit and Loss report. To do this, go to the Reports Tab in the navigation bar present on the left side. Then open the regular Profit and Loss report. On this page of the Profit and Loss report, click the Customize option. You will find it in the top left corner of the page opened.
  2. Familiarizing with the options: After clicking the customize option, a number of options will appear. You can choose from the list. You can also try and experiment with the different options available if you wish. Do not worry, even if they do not turn out right, you can simply get rid of them by not saving them.
  3. Customizing a Profit and Loss report:  You can do this the way you want. You can choose to report Profit and Loss by month, for example. For this, just in the Row/Columns setting choose Months as the parameter for Column.
  4. Choosing the Header and Footer: Next you will need to change the Header and Footer according to the parameters you are using to create the report. For example, in the case given in the previous point, you have to write Profit and Loss by month. Then click Run Report to see the report.
  5. Saving the customization: After you are done, if you feel satisfied with your reports, you will need to save it. The Save button appears fourth from the left at the top of the page.
  6. Categorizing the report: You can also choose how you want to group your created reports. You can choose the report group after checking the option Add this report to the group. Just select your group from the drop-down box and click on OK. Finally, click the Save button on the dialogue box.
  7. Retrieving previously created reports: You can check on your old Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop any time you want. Under the Reports option on the left side of the page, choose My Custom Reports and click on the name of the report you want to see.
  8. Customizing sales reports: Just like a Customized Report in QuickBooks Desktop (Profit and Loss report), you can also create a Sales report. For that you will need to change the date of the transaction, you can also group these reports like that of the previous Profit and Loss report, in a similar way.

We hope this article was helpful enough and you will now be able to make your customization in the reports. If you have time, we would advise you to explore the various options available there. Even though one of the customizations might not be fit for this report, for the next one it might perfect. We hope, your reports and your business, both see growth with QuickBooks.


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