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How to Resolve Sage Error 1712?

error 1712 sage

Sage is well-known accounting software that is utilized to prepare tax, financial reports, receive payments, etc. If you are thinking to start with a small business, Sage will be a great option to go with. You can also fulfill the specific industry’s needs by availing of various financial management packages in Sage software. Well, our main target is to make you aware of technical glitches that may pop up while working on the software. In this post, we will be exploring one such error i.e. Sage Error 1712 that usually occurs when more than one company file needs to be restored to the workstation. Because of this error code, the restoration will be impossible. Let’s look into the causes behind the same.

What Causes Sage Error 1712 ?

Go through the following list of causes that may be accountable for the error 1712 Sage.

  • Because of an incorrect installation of the Sage software.
  • Due to virus or malware attack.
  • If the system shuts down frequently, this may be a sign of the Sage fixed assets error 1712.
  • A missing file from the registry entry may lead to an error.

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Solutions To Fix Sage Error 1712

Various third-party tools can be used to overcome the Sage error 1712, but they can hamper your business activities. We recommend following the solutions to deal with the same error code. Well, deactivating the Antivirus may also fix the Sage fixed assets error 1712. If not, follow the underneath solutions one by one.

Solution 1: Using Registry Editor

  • First of all, restart the PC to use the registry editor.
  • After that, choose the company file to clean up all the junk files.
  • Click on Win and type Cleanmgr.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • Now, choose the OS drive and select OK.
  • Select the Clean up option.
  • Finally, start the system again.
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Solution 2: Reinstalling of the Sage Software

One of the perfect ways to get rid of any technical error is to reinstall the software. You need to make sure that the installation process will not remain incomplete. Because an improper installation of the Sage may lead to the same error code again.

Wrapping Up!

At this point, we have concluded the article regarding the error 1712 Sage. Hopefully, the above information is useful for you to know about how to resolve the error code in Sage. So you will be able to access Sage without any hassle. For further guidance, you can take assistance from our team at QASolved. We are available all round the clock to provide you support regarding Sage software.


Q1: How to resolve Sage errors?

A: To fix Sage errors, you can follow up on the following steps.
Choose Run Repair and then create Backup.
After that, click on OK and a few automatic routines will run to resolve the data.
Check whether the error has been fixed or not. If not, repeat the procedure. 

Q2: How often should you check data in Sage?

A: You are required to run it regularly, especially before creating a backup or after restoring the data. If you have a multi-user license, make sure that all users have logged out from the company file while checking the data.

Q3: How to check my data usage on Sage?

A: Here are the steps to check the data usage on Sage.
First of all, log in to Sage 50 Payroll in the Manager User name.
After that, choose Check Data from the toolbar.
Select Print to print a check data report print copy.
Finally, close the check data report and go back to the Sage 50 Payroll to select Close.

Q4: How do I get Sage back online?

A: Follow the underneath steps to use Sage online.
First of all, choose the Tools option, then select Sage Drive.
Select the Lock Sage Drive.
At last, choose the Refresh Sage Drive option.

Q5: How to repair Sage 50?

A: You can apply the following steps to repair Sage 50.
The first step is to choose Start, then select Control Panel.
After that, choose Add/Remove Programs and Features.
Now, click on Sage 50 Accounting and then, select Change.
Click on Repair and press Next.
Finally, install any program updates if required.

Q6: Can we use Sage offline?

A: We never recommend using offline files with Sage Accounts. In case, if you use the files offline, there might be chances of facing inconsistencies with the data or data corruption.

Q7: How do I reconnect to Sage Drive?

A: To connect the Sage drive, follow the steps written below.
Firstly, click on Sage 50cloud Accounts.
Click on Add Company only in case of having a multi-company license in the Select Company window.
Finally, choose Connect to data from Sage Drive. And then, choose Next.

Q8: How do you stop a Sage Drive?

A: Below, we have mentioned the steps to stop a Sage drive.
Initially, launch the Sage Drive Company that needs to be stopped.
After that, go to the File and tap on Remote Data Access.
Now, click on Stop Sharing and choose Yes to confirm.
Finally, a confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Q9: What are the steps to link my business to Sage Drive?

A: To link a company on Sage Drive, look into the following steps.
First of all, choose File and then select Open Company Data.
Choose the Add Company option and Connect to data from Sage Drive.
Click on Next.
Now, Enter the email ID and password of Sage.
Finally, enter the Captcha text and choose Continue.

Q10: How can you reinstall Sage payroll?

A: Have a look at the following steps to reinstall Sage Payroll.
Firstly, browse and double-click the downloaded file when you are installing from a download.
After that, choose Run and then select Accept License.
Now, make sure that the tax year is correct and choose Next.
Finally, it is recommended to turn on background updates and choose Next.

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