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How to Resolve Sage ACCPAC Error 49153?

sage accpac error 49153

Sage software has been specially introduced for small and medium businesses that can be customized according to your business requirements. It may help you by handling CRM, accounts, business-related tasks, etc. However, you may come across error codes due to numerous reasons while accessing Sage 300. In the following article, we will discuss one such error ‘Sage ACCPAC error 49153’ that can hamper the workflow of your business.

To get a detailed view of error 49153, you have to read the whole post carefully and try to fix the issue manually.

What is Sage ACCPAC Error 49153?

You may come across the 49153 error when you are failed to login into Sage 300 to test the database connection. It indicates that Sage 300 has started but can’t connect to the database. Additionally, you may get the error 49153 while pointing to the wrong server name. Now, it’s time to look into the possible causes behind the error occurrence and find out the relevant solutions.

What Causes Sage ACCPAC Error 49153?

The following is a list consist of all the possible causes that may lead to Sage ACCPAC error 49153.

  • Because of an invalid ODBC DSN, you may experience error 49153.
  • When the database is offline, an error might appear.
  • If the Sage 300 ERP software is blocked by the Windows firewall, error 49153 may take place.
  • The DNS is fixing the server name to the incorrect IP address.

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How to Fix Sage ACCPAC Error 49153?

Given below are the complete steps to fix ACCPAC error 49153. In case, you face any difficulties while resolving the error, quickly get in touch with our team.

  • Firstly, launch a Sage database setup, then click on the Company and System Database Profiles.
  • Now, you need to verify the Data Source or Server name, Database Name, and Login ID.
  • After that, choose Control Panel and click on Administrative Tools.
  • Choose the Data Sources, then launch the 32-bit version of ODBC Data Source Administrator.
  • Next, access path C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe on 64-bit computers.
  • Look for the Data Source name and enter the admin credentials in the SQL Authentication.
  • Ensure that all the remaining settings have been set as default.
  • Lastly, check the database connectivity from the DSN and reinstall the SQL Native Client Driver.

Alternative Steps to Resolve Sage ACCPAC Error 49153

  • Firstly, verify that the SQL Server Service is working and TCPIP Static port is set to default (1433).
  • Secondly, check the SQL Server to apply the correct port.
  • Now, check the Firewall Configuration is set to TCPIP port and ODBC settings.
  • After that, run %WinDir%\system64\odbcad64.exe
  • At last, check SQL server DNS configuration.

Winding Up!

As we have seen, Sage ACCPAC error 49153 is not much tricky to resolve. Sometimes, this error may get resolved just by checking the database connection or SQL server. If you are still getting the same issue even after applying all the possible solutions, then feel free to contact us. We will assist you in resolving the issues related to Sage so that you can continue working on the company file. If you feel hesitant to talk to our experts, write a forum to us and post it on our website.

Q1: What does ACCPAC mean?

A: The name ACCPAC is an abbreviation for A Complete Comprehensive Program for Accounting Control.

Q2: Is Sage 300 cloud-based software?

A: Yes, Sage 300 consists of cloud-based features that offer small and mid-sized businesses a highly adaptable management solution. And, it can be accessed from anywhere to meet all your business requirements.

Q3: How much is Sage 300 cost?

A: You can get Sage 300 for $75per month.

Q4: How to install Sage 300?

A: Here are the steps to set up a system database.
Firstly, click on Start and select All Programs.
Now, choose Sage 300 and tap on Database Setup.
You need to sign in as an Admin.
After that, choose New and enter a database ID for the system.
Choose the System as the database category and press OK.
Finally, give the necessary details on the Edit SQL Server Database box.

Q5: What are the steps to upgrade Sage 300?

A: You can upgrade Sage 300 by visiting the Sage Knowledgebase and then follow the steps written below.
Choose the Download Sage 300 2020.1 link for installing the latest update.
After that, enter your Customer Portal credentials and choose Log on.

Q6: How to access Sage 300?

A: The first thing is to launch the File and click on Open Company. After that, enter the admin credentials by choosing the User ID field. In this way, you can access the Sage 300 application without any hassle.

Q7: What are the steps to create a user in Sage 300?

A: To create a new User, look into the following steps.
Initially, log in to the Sage using admin credentials.
Now, click on the Administrative Services and select User Icon.
After that, choose New and enter your credentials.
You have to set the Authentication Method to Sage 300 ERP.
Write down the password and choose Add.
Finally, close the sage application.

Q8: How can you add a user in Sage?

A: For adding a user to the Sage Software, perform the following steps.
Firstly, launch the Settings menu in Sage Job Costing.
Now, choose User Setup.
Choose New to create a new user.
You have to enter the admin credentials.
Again, enter the credentials in the confirm password box.

Q9: How to Resolve Sage error 49153 manually?

A: Follow the steps written below to Fix Sage Error 49153.
Firstly choose the start option and select windows firewall to allow a program.
Now, go to the setting and allow another program.
Click on add sage ACCPAC.

Q10: How can you activate a module in Sage 300?

A: Here, we have mentioned all the steps to activate a Module.
The first step is to log in to the Sage 300 software.
Launch the Administrative Services.
After that, select Data Activation.
The final step is to choose the Multiple Contacts box for activating a module.

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