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Improvements and New Features in QuickBooks 2019

quickbooks 2019 features

QuickBooks Desktop edition has come up with enhancements and new features to improve the desktop version further. QuickBooks 2019 focuses on the greater functionality and workflow process. Some of the important features are highlighted in this article to make the users know about the efficient features of QuickBooks 2019.

Improved features and enhancements of QuickBooks 2019 are listed below:

Sick and Vacation Time Tracking

This option is available with an ‘Active Payroll subscription.’  It is always a struggle to track vacation & sick time in QuickBooks. The biggest complaint that comes for this option is ‘that you end up overpaying for these benefits. There is no warning when your employee has already used sick time in excess.

The pay stub now has a new format to track the sick. The tracker will show Current- Accrued, Used and Available. It will give a clear picture to the employee what amount of leaves is available.

Enhanced inventory

Many times, we are working in the inventory, and we face an issue – There is a mismatch between the balance sheet and the inventory Item summary report. It is by default that you not see ‘inactive items’ in the inventory Item summary. However the ‘inventory total’ would include the inactive items as they appear on the balance sheet. It is going to be difficult to track this.

The improved Inventory Enhancement feature ensures that when you mark an inventory item as ‘Inactive,’ but it still carries a value or a quantity on hand there will be an error message to reflect this.

Moreover, the new feature in ‘Inventory Valuation Summary Report’ will reflect the items that you have ‘Inactivated.’

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Improved Invoice Tracker

This feature is already present in QuickBooks Online is now available in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Provides you with a consolidated snapshot- Just click the “History” for one snapshot and view data used on multiple screens.
  • Emailed Invoice Status tracker- You can know when the customer has looked at the invoice and you can do a follow up accordingly. 

Credit Transfer for Customers and Jobs

The feature helps in applying credit “Memos” across all Jobs.  Earlier the user had to create a “Credit memo” for a specific job to be applied. The feature is a great time saver option. The new account that will be created is known as the “The account for credit transfer” to complete this task. The account is ‘Inactive and zeroes out”.

A Check to Pay Bill 

The feature is helpful when a client writes “checks” & skips the ‘Pay Bill’ part of QuickBooks. The function will sort out the issue of double expensing by utilizing the checks and bills for the same expense.

QuickBooks prompts and directs to associate the check with an ‘Open bill’. So, when you click – ‘Go to Pay Bills’ it shows a screen with open bills from that vendor. The feature automatically filters the ‘one vendor.’

Easy Upgrade

It is quite easy to Upgrade in the new edition. Activate your QuickBooks desktop account. Once that is done, go to the ‘select an account for activation’ and then press OK. You will come to the window- “Update you’re a QuickBooks Desktop Company File” and update it.

The feature will help you to find your Intuit ‘my account’ that you have used in the past.

Easy Moving QuickBooks to a Different Computer

  • Go to file
  • Look for Utilities
  • Look for the option “Move QuickBooks to another computer.”
  • There will be a window saying- “Move QuickBooks to another computer.”
  • Press- “I’m ready” option here.
  • Enter the one-time password. This password will be used on your new Computer
  • Press the option- Continue
  • We are ready window will come
  • Next will appear a copying window
  • Next window that will appear is- “we have copied all we need.”
  • Again, enter the one-time password that was used earlier
  • We are making the QuickBooks Ready

Everything is completed, and you will come to a window which will say “Do you want to open QuickBooks.”

So, only with a few steps, you can move QuickBooks to another computer.

Backup your data file

QuickBooks 2019 edition has come up with enhanced improvements in the ‘Data Protect’ category.

The new edition has improved messaging, that allows the customers to set up and have their data backed up. If there is any failure in the backup, a prompt email will be sent. To back up the data:

  • Go to the Home screen
  • On the right-hand side, you need to see the “BACKUP STATUS.”
  • Choose the option” Online” here
  • Click the hyperlink “Intuit Data Protect.”
  • Pass through the series of screens and set an “Online Backup.”
  • Choose the correct subscription that matches your license.
  • Select files for the backup.
  • Choose other ‘critical files’ on your desktop.
  • Now select the time of the automatic backup
  • Select the option for – when do you want to get notified by an “email.”
  • Everything set-up, you will receive an email.

Condense the Data File

Remove the Audit trail and keep the entire history or erase certain transactions while removing the history.

Be cautious while running this step or even seek help from a third-party service provider to safely reduce the file size.

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The Enhanced IIF Import feature

With the new IIF import feature, you do not need to check the IIF imports manually. There will be a report that shows the failure. Also, no accounts will be created “by Default” The improved version uses the ‘SDK interface” to insert data. This interface is equipped with the needed validations etc.

Sales Order Worksheets have the “Batch Feature along with Pack and Ship.

The feature is available in QB Enterprise Platinum edition. With the new batch button, you can update several “Sales” orders at once.

You can also pack and print a “Shipping label “as this works well with USPS, UPS and the Federal Express. The tracking info comes to the sales order & it copies to the invoice.

QuickBooks 2019 is filled with upgrades and enhanced features. It is quite ahead of QuickBooks 2018 and will provide a complete desktop solution. It is recommended to speak to an expert at QuickBooks Customer Support Number who can assist you in understanding these features in details.

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