How to Fix Sage 50 There Was a Problem Activating Error?

sage 50 there was a problem activating

Sage software comes up with various features and functionalities such as managing income & expenses, invoicing customers professionally, simplifying accounting tasks, customizing invoices, etc. Even after consisting of lots of features, Sage is nowhere back in displaying errors. As we know, activation comes first before using any software available in the market. But, what if the software shows an error during its activation. Today, we will be exploring one such issue that displays at the time of activating Sage 50 i.e. ‘Sage 50 there was a problem activating’.

Further, we have discussed the causes behind the error occurrence. This article includes all the relevant fixes of the Sage 50 activation error.

Causes Behind the Occurrence of ‘Sage 50 There Was a Problem Activating’ Error

Let’s look into the following list consists of all the possible reasons that may give rise to the Sage activation error. If you are experiencing one of the listed causes, quickly try to resolve it to continue working on Sage.

  • Because of the incorrect Windows system date, you may face a Sage 50 activation error.
  • Due to the blockage of Firewall or Antivirus.
  • A damaged or hidden option .DAT may cause an error.
  • If the data path files have been damaged, you might get an issue.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve ‘Sage 50 There Was a Problem Activating’ Error

The following steps can be applied in order to deal with the Sage 50 activation error. If you find any difficulty in applying the following steps, contact us to get immediate support.

  • First of all, you need to activate the program on the server.
  • And then, disable the firewall and antivirus and ensure that the PC can ping the server PC.
  • Next, verify if both of the computers have the same version by following the steps written below.
    • If any of the computers is using a different version, upgrade it to the same version as a server or vice versa.
    • Choose the Help menu and click on the Sage 50 Activation Licensing & Subscription option on the PC that has a downgrade version.
    • Click on OK.
    • After that, select the Serial Number and reopen Sage.
    • Finally, launch Sage 50 and check whether the program has been activated or not.
    • Check if you can access the network drive and move on to the next step.


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  • Verify the data files path by following the underneath steps.
    • The initial step is to close Sage 50 from all PCs and find out the data path.
    • Now, give new titles to the files: OPTIONS.DAT, SERIAL.DAT.BAK, ENVSESS.DAT, ENVUSER.DAT, SERIAL.DAT, ENVSETNG.DAT, Entitlements.xml, files having the extension of LCK and PTL, SoftwareInstallations.xml
    • Launch Sage 50 and activate it.
    • Click on the manual activation option and follow the ongoing instructions.
  • At last, check the date settings on your windows system. It must be correct.

Conclusive Words!

Finally, we have come to the end of this instructive article that includes the steps of dealing with the ‘Sage 50 there was a problem activating’ error. We assume that you have successfully resolved the error by reading our instructive post. If the error remains unfixed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sage professionals Experts by contacting us or write down your query on our website. We try to resolve your issues regarding Sage in no time as we value your time and money.


Q1: How to activate Sage 50?

A: To activate Sage 50, you can apply the following steps.
1. First of all, choose Help and select the Sage 50 Activation option.
2. Now, select Activate Online Now.
3. If you are using Sage 50 for the first time, you have to fill out a short form before the activation of Sage.

Q2: How can you activate the Sage Account?

A: Below, we have given the steps to activate the sage account.
1. First of all, choose Activation on the menu bar and click Tools.
2. After that, select the Upgrade Program.
3. Now, click on Register my software from the Product Registration window.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to register Sage Accounts.
5. Finally, write down the new activation key.

Q3: What can be the reason behind the ‘Sage 50 not working’ error?

A: It may happen when you have enabled Windows Compatibility Mode. Also, the Sage stops working due to unavailable memory or low System Memory. A slow Internet Connection may also lead to the same issue.

Q4: How to set up multiple users on Sage 50?

A: The steps to set up multiple users on Sage 50 have been listed below.
1. Firstly, launch Sage 50 Canadian Edition.
2. After that, click on an existing company and choose My Network Places.
3. Click on the file that has been recently saved.
4. Launch the file in multi-user mode by entering one of the usernames and passwords.

Q5: What are the steps to reinstall Sage?

A: Follow the steps written below to reinstall the Sage software.
1. For Windows 8.1 and older versions, choose the Programs and Features > Control Panel > Start.
2. For Windows 10 version, you have to right-click on the Start option and then choose Programs and Features.
3. Now, choose your Sage 50 version and select Uninstall.
4. Lastly, choose Reinstall to install the software again.

Q6: How to add users to Sage Drive?

A: The first thing you need to do is to choose File and select Manage Sage Drive. After that, write down the Sage ID email address and password. Select Add User and write down the new user’s name along with the Sage email ID.

Q7: What are the steps to log in to Sage Drive?

A: Follow up on the following steps to log in to Sage Drive.
1. Firstly, launch Sage Accounts and log in by entering the Manager credentials.
2. Choose the ‘File’ and select the ”Sage Drive setup” option.
3. After that, click on the ”Let’s get started” option and follow the instructions.
4. Write down the Sage ID credentials and choose Sign In.
5. Finally, choose Allow.

Q8: Can you access Sage remotely?

A: Remote access indicates that you can access the software from a different location on a wide area network (WAN). You should know that cloud technology can be accessed in Sage Accounts v21 and higher versions.

Q9: How to run Sage from another PC?

A: You can easily connect to your Sage data on a client computer by following the steps mentioned below.
1. Firstly, launch Sage Accounts and enter your registration details.
2. Click on Continue.
3. Choose the Use an existing company option that has been stored on the network.
4. After that, select Browse and enter the location of the shared folder.
5. Finally, choose the ACCDATA folder and select OK > Next.

Q10: Why does Sage keep freezing?

A: Beneath, we are exploring all the causes that may stop you from accessing Sage.
Selecting a customer or supplier.
Because of saving or closing Customer receipts or Supplier payments.
If you have entered supplier payments or customer receipts, then Sage keeps freezing.

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