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How to Fix Sage Error 40960?

sage error 40960

Sage is a prominent solution for handling business-related activities and comes up with numerous features and functionalities. However, users may come across different error codes while accessing Sage. Today, we are writing on one such error ‘Sage Error 40960” that is related to Sage 300 and appears because of incorrect DNS settings.

This article contains the root causes of the error 40960 and solutions to get rid of it. If you have any doubts regarding this post or want an expert’s advice, visit our website.

What is Sage Error 40960?

Sage Error 40960 is related to Sage 300 and a database error usually comes across when you are failed to connect to the database. You first need to configure the database to get rid of the error 40960 Sage. Even after configuring the database settings, this error has been reported by many users. You may also get the same issue because of an incorrect server while using a Data Source Name (DSN), you may experience the Sage error 40960. Check out the whole post to find out appropriate solutions.

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What are the Solutions to Fix Sage Error Code 40960?

Assumingly, you have already installed all the recent launches related to Sage 300. Because this can be the reason behind the error 40960. Also, make sure that you have logged in to the Sage 300 software as an Admin.

Now, go ahead to apply the underneath solutions.

Solution 1: Check DNS Settings

  • Firstly, launch the 32 bit DSN settings.
  • Next, choose the DSN by using Sage 300.
  • After that, click on Configure and correct all DSN settings.
  • Lastly, choose Save.
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Solution 2: Fix the Connection Issue

It may be seen that Sage error 40960 usually occurs because of a connection issue with the database. There can be various security software that may block certain connections via specific ports. In such a scenario, the best way to deal with the issue is to disable the security software. After that, you can connect to the database.

Now, look into the following steps to get rid of connection errors.

  • First of all, disable the firewall and check whether the Sage error 40960 has been fixed.
  • If the issue has been fixed, choose the Advanced Settings for Windows Firewall.
  • After that, choose Inbound Rules and create a new rule for the port by which Sage connects to the database.
  • Perform the same steps for Outbound Rules.
  • Finally, save the name and description.

Wrapping Up!

We expect that this post contains the required information regarding Sage error 40960. It is highly recommended to update the Sage 300 before heading for any of the aforementioned solutions. If you are still struggling with the same issue and failed to resolve it, immediately contact us to hire an expert who can resolve all your queries related to Sage. We have a team of certified experts who knows well how to resolve such technical glitches associated with Sage.


Q1: What is Sage 300?

A: Sage 300 is the Enterprise Resource Planning software that is offered by the Sage group. With the help of Sage 300, you will be able to manage manufacturing, distribution, inventory, sales, accounting, and payments. It also allows you to analyze everything about your business.

Q2: How to log in to Sage 300?

A: Sage 300cloud web screens support current versions of the most popular web browsers.
You can visit http://servername/sage300.
And then, enter the Admin credentials.
Now, choose a company.
Finally, choose Sign in.

Q3: Is Sage 300 cloud-based?

A: Yes Sage 300 is cloud-based accounting software and a smart choice to grow your services or distribution businesses. This software includes cloud-based features that help small and medium businesses to meet their goals. And, you can access Sage 300 from anywhere and at any time.

Q4: What does an error batch in Sage 300 indicate?

A: The entries from batch ‘0000001” has been created by Sage 300 as a record of the entries. These entries can’t be posted because of incorrect settings done by a user.

Q5: How can you resolve posting errors?

A: for resolving posting errors, you first need to check out the difference between the error posted in your books and the correct amount. After that, enter the adjustment amount in the correct accounts. You can increase an amount if the original entry was too low and vice versa.

Q6: How to enter an invoice in Sage 300?

A: You may go through the following steps to enter an invoice in Sage 300.
First of all, launch Accounts Payable and then click on A/P Transactions.
Now, choose Invoice Entry and click on the existing batch by choosing the Batch Number field.
Or, you can create a new batch.
After that, select the Create New Entry option, then enter a description for the entry.
Finally, type the header information in the Document tab.

Q7: Is ERP a software?

A: Yes, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software that is utilized to handle daily-basis business activities like project management, accounting, compliance & risk management, and supply chain operations.

Q8: How will you update Sage 300 people?

A: Follow the steps written below to update Sage 300 people.
First of all, stop all Sage 300 People Services.
Create a SQL live database backup.
Access the PeopleSetup.exe application file.
Lastly, the maintenance screen pops up on the screen.

Q9: How to check the Sage payroll version?

A: First of all, you need to launch the Sage Payroll software and log in to it. Now, choose the Help menu and select About Sage Payroll. Here, you can check the version is 23.2.

Q10: How to cancel the free trial of Sage?

A: If you want to cancel your Sage 50 Accounts or Payroll account, you may get in touch with our experts or visit the official website of Sage.

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