How to Correct Cache Amount for QuickBooks Enterprise?

correct cache amount for quickbooks enterprise

QuickBooks enterprise is helpful in managing payroll details, inventory list, customer data and etc. When you installed QuickBooks, cache memory is inbuilt in QuickBooks that is used by the database manager. However, sometimes correct cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise gets incorrect or non-default. Due to this, your PC runs slowly.

Causes behind correct cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise

Following are the reasons behind

  • While updating the Window to the latest version.
  • At the time of updating QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version.
  • If QuickBooks enterprise is updated to the new launch.

Note: Before correcting cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise, check whether QuickBooks is updated to the latest version or not.

Solutions to correct cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise

You can apply the following solutions to correct cache amount for QuickBooks enterprise:

Solution 1: Operate QBW.ini File to correct cache amount  

  • Search the path C:\ProgramData\Intuit to launch the QBW.ini File.
  • Choose DB SERVER OPTIONS with essential values. The two options are given below:
    1. Initial Cache: you can use initial cache till the first file is opened. Set it to none or 0, it will not have any effect on the performance.
    2. Max Cache: This cache helps in improving the performance of the system. You can use the QuickBooks Database Manager to communicate with the company file setting through Maximum memory status.
  • Turn off and Turn on to save the file.

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For Server-Only Install, we have given two methods as follows:

Method 1: Sign-in Windows to check the current cache settings

  • Select Open command to provide multi-user access for QuickBooks desktop file.
  • Go in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\QuickBooksDB25\Parameter.
  • Then, you will have a message as –n QB_ SERVER_NAME -qs -gd ALL -gk all -GP 4096 -gu all -ch 256M -c 128M…
  • Record the number after –ch and -c.
  • Make sure that you spelled every message correctly and the computer should host multi-user access for QuickBooks desktop.


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Method 2: Change the settings in the registry

  • Sign out from QuickBooks Desktop after saving your work.
  • Restrict the database service of QuickBooks and enter net stop QuickBooks DB25.
  • Then, all the DB connections will stop and you will not be able to get back the unsaved work.
  • You can make the correction in the Windows registry.
  • Location of the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\QuickBooks.

Value may be similar to: -n QB_SERVER_NAME -qs -gd ALL -gk all -gp 4096 -gu all -ch 256M -c 128M.

  • Now, according to Intuit, you need to change the following:
    1. Change -c 128M to -c 256M.
    2. Change -ch 256M to -ch 512M.
  • Save the changes made by you.
  • You need to open the command prompt again and enter: net start QuickBooks DB25.
  • Restart QuickBooks and check whether the error still exists.

Hope the above blog helped you to correct cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise. If you are experiencing any issue while attempting the above solutions, then immediately contact our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number.

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