How to Setup QuickBooks Online? – Complete Steps

how to setup quickbooks online

It is important to discover an accounting software that suits your business needs and manages the financial aspects of your business. After many kinds of research in the market, QuickBooks is considered as reliable accounting software that fulfill the accounting needs of small and mid-size businesses. Here, we will discuss the QuickBooks software’s version i.e. QuickBooks Online. It is a cloud-based financial management software which helps in calculating automatic tax, creates custom invoices, and captures mobile receipt. To avail the benefits of QB features, you need to learn the process of how to setup QuickBooks Online.

Moreover, the setup process in QuickBooks Online helps you to spend less time in maintaining your records and helps in enhancing your business productivity. The software emphasizes strengthening the integral aspects of business accounting.

There is no need to have an accounting background to complete the QuickBooks setup process. You just need to go through with a few simple steps. After implementing them, you would be able to carry day to day business financial activities. And you can run your business without any accounting hassles.

Steps of QuickBooks Online Setup

Steps to setup QuickBooks Online accurately and efficiently:

  • Enter Your Company’s Info

    • Before setting up QuickBooks Online, you have to add company information into QuickBooks.
    • You have to click on the gear icon and then choose the account settings. Then, click on the company option.
    • It is mandatory to add all your company info. Add the name of your business, email address, business address, website, and phone number.
    • Make sure to add your tax-related details in the company Type category. Select the type of tax form you’ll be filing. Also, include your SSN or EIN.
  • Pick an Accounting Method

    • You have to click the gear icon, select the account, and Settings followed by accounting.
    • Now, choose either the cash or accrual method.
  • Select a Fiscal Year Starting Date

    • Next, choose the date of the fiscal year.
    • In case you’ve previously navigated to the accounting screen, you will see the first month of the fiscal year option on your PC.
  • Choose your Company Logo

    • You need to add your logo to QuickBooks account.
    • Afterwards, choose the gear icon once more and select the option company.
    • Then, check that your logo is formatted correctly.
  • Setup Payment Terms

    • Here you can set default payment terms.
    • You have to choose the gear icon, click on account and settings, then sales. And at last, click sales form content.
    • Lastly, choose either due on receipt or a definite number of days following receipt.
  • Customize Invoices and Payment Processing

    • Finally, the next thing you will do is to setup QuickBooks Online and with this, you can create your first invoice.
    • If you want, then you can send your first invoice to a customer.

You can avail the benefits of QuickBooks Online accounting software after setting up QuickBooks Online.

Once setting up QB Online, you can easily access different and interesting features.


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Features of QuickBooks Online

Let’s go through the wide range of QuickBooks Online features. These features will assists you in focusing on attention-demanding responsibilities of small as well as mid-sized businesses:

  • Control Cash Flow

The accounting software has the capability to manage your cash flow correctly. You don’t need to use your online bank balance. You simply need to add your financial transactions daily. This way you would be able to handle your cash flow.

  • Invoice Customer

The user can easily create and send their invoices in QuickBooks. Also, helps in increasing your cash flow and decreasing your accounts receivable.

  • Manage Employee Time

Employee productivity in QuickBooks can be measured with the help of this feature. In this, a weekly timesheet is maintained to add employee activities.

  • Customized Chart of Accounts

Chart of accounts shows the complete list of the company’s balances and accounts. You can see the company’s assets, income, liabilities, expenses, and income. Besides, you will be aware of the money that the company has, the inflow and outflow of money.

The Memorized Transaction feature automatically adds transactions that should be added regularly. It includes invoice creation, creating bills, journal entries, and so on.

  • Mail Invoices and Statements

By emailing, you can set up all your statements and invoices in QuickBooks. This helps you to reduce the amount of time.

You can avail these business accounting features after setting up QuickBooks Online. Furthermore, you can take better business decisions instantly.

Now, let’s know the different advantages of using online in your business life.

Advantages of Using QuickBooks Online

Let’s discover the benefits of using QuickBooks Online:

  • QuickBooks Online helps in creating a back-up of your existing file automatically.
  • It makes the process of inventory tracking simple and hassle-free.
  • You can check the reports from anywhere.
  • There is an option to send statements and invoices automatically to the clients.
  • QuickBooks Online is quite easy to use.
  • The software safeguards your finances and protects them from unauthorized access that may affect your business efficiency.

You can avail these advantages, if you are using cloud-based accounting software to manage the finance of customers and suppliers.


Undoubtedly, you have got a clear idea of How to Setup QuickBooks Online on your computer system screen smoothly. The small summary on what is QuickBooks Online, steps of QuickBooks setup, its features, and advantages helped you in giving you the essential knowledge about the software. Most importantly, the setup of online will provide you the straight accounting control of the business.

If you have any queries related to How to Setup QuickBooks Online, call on QuickBooks Online Support Number. Apart from this, in case you want to learn more about managing income, handling expenses and capturing reporting in QuickBooks, you are free to call on the phone number. The phone number will help you in connecting with the QuickBooks Online technical qualified experts.

Let’s dive into frequently asked questions about QuickBooks Online accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Can I access online on my phone?

A: It can be accessed from any web-enabled mobile device with a web browser.

Q2: Does QB online will work on Mac?

A: Yes, it will work with any internet-connected PC or Mac.

Q3: Is there a trial period to use online and tell me the method to sign up?

A: There are 30 days trial period to use the software. You have to add your name, email address, and a password. After this, you can start using it.

Q4: Tell me the acceptable payment methods?

A: We accept all Debits and Credits cards-MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX.

Q5: How do I set up QuickBooks Online payments?

A: You need to go to your company settings by clicking on the gear icon. After that, select account and settings. Then, click payments and then on learn more option. Finally, click set up payments to begin.

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