What is Sage Accounting Software? – A Complete Guide

what is sage software

Sage accounting software helps in managing business-related accounting operations. Also, it assists in handling the payroll and evaluating the taxes of the employees. You can easily handle numerous transactions of your businesses.

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Undeniably, money makes the world and your business depends on the same. It means that a business’s wellbeing depends completely on its accounting department’s policies, processes, and procedures. Without a comprehensive accounting system, the productivity of your business finance will diminish. Along with this, the risk of facing irregular cash flow, internal fraud, and other possible failures will increase. If you want to improve the productivity of your business, then Sage software will give complete justice to it. To understand its functionalities, you must know what is Sage software used for. It assists you in managing your business-related accounting operations. Moreover, it assists in handling the payroll and assessing business taxes.

Sage accounting software package has been created to assist countless transactions that are taking place in businesses. Let’s see how its features perform the business accounting routines.

Features of Sage Accounting Software

Here are the features of the software that maintain the accounting that raises the performance and profitability within your business:

  • Exclude Human Error

The computerized storing of all your financial information reduces the risk of human error, like jotting down the incorrect figures of misplacing important accounting info. The small errors may leave a disastrous effect on a business’s financial condition.

  • Real Financial Information

Whenever you want you can access your account and check all the transactions and your cash flow as the system gets updated automatically.

  • Less Time Consuming

The feature in Sage assists you in adding accounting data and takes less time as compared to manual entry. You just need to add the information once in the system and it can be used later on for many business purposes.

  • Cost Effective

The accounting software systems are well-organized and quick that makes them cost-effective as compared to paper-based accounting.

  • Easy Invoice Generation

The Sage application gives you the permission to send invoices from your software to your client through email. After this, your client will receive the emails via a “pay invoice” button.

  • Better to Have Card Reader

Sage users have to sign in for Sage payments accounts so that requests can be made for a card reader. The particular feature permits you to accept payments from your mobile device.

  • Automatic Backup

It offers you an automatic data backup facility without any additional charges. You don’t have to be worried about your data as the company keeps your data secure and there is no requirement for the additional backup system.

The features must have given you the idea of how the software functions and makes the effective effort in making accounting accurate and easy.

Furthermore, knowing what is sage accounting software and its features is not sufficient enough to perform your business financial activities. To be honest, the types of Sage software will make the job simpler for you in choosing the software according to your business shape and size. So. Let’s explore the different types of accounting software.

Types of Sage Accounting Software

The given different types of tools will help you in comparing the various options and decide the right choice for your business:

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

The accounting software focuses on the needs of small businesses and offers two plans i.e. Sage business cloud accounting and Sage business cloud start.  It permits you to access the data if you have a good internet connection. The product is affordable as compared to other accounting software products.

  • Sage 50cloud Accounting

Sage 50cloud is available for its users in three different versions and is priced on an annual subscription basis. Moreover, it gives you the permission to add multiple users that incur an additional cost. It suits the larger businesses’ accountancy needs.

  • Sage 200

The cloud accounting software assists you to manage your supply chain, business intelligence, and customers more effectively. The users of Sage have got the freedom to share vital information across the teams with one integrated business.

  • Sage Time Slip

It is particularly designed to streamline the complex billing cycles. Sage time slip creates an accurate invoice via capturing time of the employees and records of the expenses.

  • Fix Asset

It will help you in keeping the proper track of all your permanent assets through their lifecycle. It monitors not only the physical aspect but also focuses on the financial side too.

  • Sage Payroll

The software offers accounting solutions for your company. It correctly handles your payroll-related tasks. It permits you to pay the business employees via paychecks, direct deposits, and company generated checks.

  • Sage Online

The software handles the financial accounting responsibilities of the businesses. Also, it is known to manage the payroll of employees and evaluates the taxes of their firm.


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Additional Sage Accounting Software Products

Sage provides other accounting software products, such as Sage Intacct, Sage 500cloud, Sage 300cloud, and Sage 100cloud. All the software options are provided on a quote basis.

These are additional products of the software:

  • Sage Intacct

It is designed for larger businesses to take care of business assets and wealth.

  • Sage 100cloud

It will manage your financial, accounting, and supply chain processes of the business.

  • Sage 300cloud

The desktop-based platform manages inventory, accounting, finances, distribution, currencies, operations, and other important business requirements.

  • Sage 500cloud

It is said to be the advanced Sage Desktop solution for large business management comprising accounting, distribution, and supply chain, distribution, manufacturing, and advances accounts payable and credit card processing tools.

These are the variety of accounting products that will fulfill the business accounting requirements. If you are in the search of the accounting software other than Sage solutions, then you need to explore the alternatives to make the quick decision.

Alternatives of Sage

These are the alternatives to the software that will help you in the decision-making process before going for any particular product:


The accounting software turns complex financial management into a simpler process streamlining the tasks of business. Furthermore, it is well equipped with robust and user-friendly features, like creating invoices, tracking expenses, tax and account reporting, and other accounting responsibilities. FreshBooks integrates with a lot more third-party applications.


The accounting software will combine creating invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning in a solitary interface. In addition, Wave aims to meet the business requirements of startups, small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed professionals. It is an ideal choice for companies that have limited financial resources.


The accounting software fulfills the business needs of small and mid-sized business owners. It is a cloud-based version that receives business payments, pays and manages bills, and also payroll functions. The software incredibly assists in creating invoices, pay bills, track the cash flows, and other accounts related tasks.


Ultimately, it’s your decision that matters during the selection of Sage software products.  The products of Sage software are slightly different from each other in terms of its price and functionalities. The blog has already covered the section of types of Sage products, what is a sage software, its features, alternatives, and reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What is Sage ERP Software all about?

A: Sage ERP software is a suite that comprises integrated funcatioanlity for sales, customer service, financial management, business intelligence, inventory, and distribution. In addtion, it is a web-based software and mobile responsive.

Q2: What is the cost of Sage software?

Ans- The Sage 50cloud pricing scheme comprises three subscription plans i.e. Pro accounting ($46.83 per month), Premium accounting ( $72.41 to $1717.41 per month), and Quantum accounting ( $182.91 to $304.91 and higher per month).

Q3: Is Sage 50 is easy to use?

A: Of course, Sage 50 is quite easy to use and the software has accounting features for the small and mid-sized company.

Q4: Which one is better for accountancy tasks Sage 50 or QuickBooks?

A: As per the researches, Sage 50 scored 8.8 and on the other hand, QuickBooks scored 9.4. In addition, Sage 50 received 97% while QB earned 96 %.

Q5: What is the work of Sage data service?

A: The Sage accounts data services assist in controlling the writing and reading of data. The service increases the robustness of the system, improves the data security and assists you to enhance performance.

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