How to Fix Sage Report Designer Error?

sage report designer error

Sage Report Designer is used by multiple business owners to create new report layouts, letters, and labels. Additionally, you have an option to edit the existing account as the Sage Report Designer can be accessed at any time. However, you may come across error codes while using Sage Designer Report such as ‘Sage Report Designer Error.’ Such technical errors may hinder you from working on the Sage 50 accounting software.

To continue working on Sage, you first need to resolve the Sage 50 report designer automation error. For this, you can either do it manually by following the solutions written below or get connected with our team.

What May Lead to Sage Report Designer Error?

You may face difficulty in creating a report while printing or previewing a report. To know more reasons, check out the following list.

  • Because of the high-resolution file size and images.
  • When you have set save printer settings to false.
  • If you are not using the default printer as your printer driver, this may also lead to an issue.

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What are the Solutions to Fix Sage Report Designer Error?

Given below are the probable solutions that can assist you in troubleshooting the Sage 50 report designer automation. In case, you are facing issues while dealing with the same, get connected with us.

Solution 1: Check the File Size and Image Resolution

The main cause behind the occurrence of Sage designer report system error is ‘the report or layout consists of an image with a large resolution.’ So it is recommended to remove the image and access the layout again. If you are successfully launched it, replace the image with one that has a smaller file size or lower resolution.

Solution 2: Setting Save Printer Settings to False

  • First of all, launch the document in Sage Report Designer.
  • Now, choose Properties from the Report Explorer pane.
  • After that, set Save Printer Settings to False.
  • Finally, go to the File and select Save.


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Solution 3: Refresh the Default Printer Driver

  • Firstly, hold the Windows + R keys simultaneously.
  • Now, enter control printers in the search box and note down the default printer name.
  • After that, right-tap on the different printers to choose Set as the default printer.
  • Launch Sage and check the document.
  • Meanwhile, shut down the Sage software.
  • Again, press the Windows + R keys altogether.
  • Enter control printers and right-tap on the default printer.
  • Choose the default printer as your printer.
  • Finally, launch Sage.

Concluding the Blog!

The aforementioned post will surely assist you in troubleshooting the Sage report designer error. You can get the possible causes along with the relevant solutions in this post. However, if you are experiencing any issues while tackling the issue, contact us to get instant support. We are just a call away and are all set to provide you with immediate technical support. Our team members are enough experienced to fix all your issues without any delay.


Q1: How do I open Sage report Designer?

A: Firstly, go to the Sage Report Designer to open the document. After that, choose the Report Explorer pane and then click the current document description. Now, choose the Name box under the Properties pane. Next, you need to enter a description of the new document.

Q2: How to access Sage 200 report Designer?

A: Here are the steps to run Sage 200 report designer.
First of all, you need to modify the standard documents and reports.
Next, add or remove criteria and divide information into groups.
After that, create the new documents and reports.
Finally, add information from other data sources or Sage 200 modules.

Q3: How can you create a report in Sage 50?

A: Underneath are the steps that can be followed to create a new report.
Firstly, choose an area from the Tasks pane in the Sage 50 HR navigation bar.
After that, select reports.
Choose New to launch the Report Wizard.
Lastly, choose Back only when the Select Fields window appears.

Q4: How to access a report in Sage?

A: Beneath, we have mentioned the steps to run a report.
The first step is to launch the Reports menu.
Now, click the required report.
For Sage Financial Forecasting v5, you need to click View and select the required report.
Finally, choose View Report to check the report via the default option.

Q5: How do I save a report in Sage?

A: For saving a report in Sage, you first need to launch the File menu. And then, choose Save as and look for the desired path for your report. Finally, give a title to a new file and choose Save.

Q6: How do I edit a report in Sage?

A: If you are looking for the steps to edit a report stored in the Favorites menu, Click Edit where you have saved the report. And then, follow the steps mentioned below.
The first step is to launch the relevant module like Customers.
After that, launch Reports.
Now, go to the Favorites folder and select the required report.
Finally, choose Edit.

Q7: Where is the Properties pane in Sage Report Designer?

A: Well, you can directly view the properties pane in Report Designer. In case, you are unable to see the Properties pane, choose View > Properties.

Q8: What are the steps to create a report in Sage 100?

A: First of all, launch the Report Writer screen and create the report by using the Create a new report or select other creation options.

Q9: How to not save printer settings in Sage report designer?

First of all, choose the report name present at the top of the Report Explorer pane.
Click False in the Save Printer Settings.

Q10: How to get an error report designer license message?

The first thing is to keep the Report Designer Add-In 1.0. 0 report open.
After that, launch the Designer Report.
Now, return to the Report Designer Add-In report.

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