How to use Quicken? – A Comprehensive Guide

how to use quicken

Quicken is a personal finance software that organizes all your financial logistics. Besides, it will help you to plan a detailed budget, classify them as well as keep a record of the expenses. Quicken software helps you in keeping better control of your finances. You can also create custom invoices, track investments, rental and taxes. To keep a record of the gamut of personal financial activities, you should know how to use Quicken.

To know how to use Quicken on your computer system. You need to go through the steps.

Steps to Use Quicken

You need to learn the process to manage your daily finances and transactions with the help of the software. This could be possible once you will learn the process for the same. To get started using the Quicken software, follow these instructions:

Step 1-Purchase Quicken

You can buy Quicken from Amazon. It provides you the facility to download on your PC. You can also receive CDROM via mail to purchase the software. There are many versions of Quicken available, you can choose as per your financial need.

Step 2- Create an Intuit ID to Connect

You will see the pop up on your system screen asking to use your Intuit ID. With this, you need to check the availability of the Intuit ID in your system. In case you don’t have the ID, you need to create one. If you have to use Quicken connected services, you will be needing an Intuit ID. Also, to sync your financial information on your phone, you need to create an Intuit ID. Make sure to register your Quicken copy.

Step 3- Create and Sync Your Accounts

Now, set up your first account. You can go to the software home tab and can take a glimpse of your financial status. The home tab will help you to view your spending habits, upcoming bills, and plan your budget. You can click on the get started button to add accounts.

Step 4- Set up Bills and Statements

You can add your bills and statements in one place with the help of the software. Apart from this, you can also get a reminder of paying bills on your phone. After this, you need to go to the home tab and then click on the stay on the top of the monthly bills’ option. By clicking on it, you can add your bills, amounts and the duration of paying them.

Step 5: Create a Budget

Finally, go to the home tab and then click on create a new budget option. If you want the software to create a budget, then you need to give a name to the budget. Quicken will collect past transactions, income and expenses information to create your budget. If you want to customize a new budget, then click on advanced budget settings.

After knowing how to use the software, you need to know how to manage your expenses and savings. For this, you need to make yourself familiar with the software’s feature.

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Features of Quicken Software

The features of Quicken helps you to handle the financial details without any hassles. Let’s take a closer look at the features and understand how easily you can create a sound money management plan:

  • Income and Expenses

The software has the capability to track your expenses and income. Quicken permits you to track your cash flow on a monthly basis. The software also provides you the reports and graphs of your money spending.

  • Budgeting and Investment

Quicken software prepares your budget for a stipulated time. It will help you to know the spending habits, so that you can achieve your financial goals on time. If you want to chalk out a budget, then you will be needing detailed information of your income and expenses.

  • Managing Accounts

The accounting software imports all your bank details into a simple interface. You can download all the transactions from your bank’s website into the software. With this, the software will prepare the financial graphs and charts of your money spending.

  • Documentation Taxes and Loan Applications

The particular feature will permit you to identify deductible taxable income and expenses. You can know your tax burden and leftover refund by adding the figures of expenses and income. Moreover, you can present your fiscal year balances to the creditors and investors. It is also helpful for your personal documentation.

The particular feature helps you to print different checks. You need to go through the check supply information carefully. After that, select form as per your need. Finally, you can order the form.

Hopefully, you have got the idea of the different features. The software permits you to examine your budgets, accounts, and transactions anytime from anywhere.

Wrapping Up

After going through the blog in its entirety, it is expected that the end-users of Quicken have got an understanding of How to use Quicken. Managing personal finances is not a tough job once you know how to use the software. The blog has given brief information on what is Quicken and focuses on the steps to use the software. After following the steps of using the software, you can take a look at the features of the software.

If you still want to clear your doubts related to how to use Quicken, then dial Toll- Free Quicken Support Phone Number.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: How to set up Quicken software?

A: These steps will help you to set up Quicken on your PC:

1. Firstly, click on the home tab that is given on the top of the software window.
2. Now, click on the get started icon.
3. Next, add or choose the name of bank.
4. You have to add the bank login information.
5. Thereafter, click on click connect.
6. You have to set preferences.
7. Finally, the software will create your accounts and then download the transactions.

Q2- Is Quicken software easy to use?

A: Quicken automatically sync with your financial institutions as well as your investment accounts. This manner, Quicken makes easy for the software users to track the transactions without adding them manually.

Q3: Can I use the software without using online banking?

A: If you want to view your accounts and data, adding manually data, generating reports, then you don’t require an internet connection. You will need a good internet connection to download information from your financial institutions. Also, to get updates from the software you need the proper connection.

Q4: Can I use the software after the expiry of software subscription?

A: After the expiry of Quicken membership, you won’t be able to get updates of the software. Apart from this, you can continue using the software’s version to open your data files. You can even continue to use Quicken in a manual mode.

Q5: What to do if I am unable to understand the procedure of how to use Quicken?

A: In case you get stuck at some point while understanding its procedure, you need to quickly get in touch with the Quicken professionals.

Q6: How to use Quicken software?

A: You need to follow these steps to learn Quicken software:

1. First, purchase Quicken software. You can purchase from Amazon.
2. Now, you need to create an Intuit ID.
3. Next, you have to create and sync your accounts.
4. Thereafter, set up bills and statements.
5. Finally, you need to create a budget.

Q7: How to add a manual spending transaction in Quicken for Windows?

A: These instructions will help you to add manual spending transaction in Quicken for Windows:

1. In the beginning, you need to open the account that you want to use.
2. Thereafter, go to the new transaction line by typing CTRL+N.
3. Now, you have to change the date if it is required.
4. Add the check number in the num
5. Next, you have to specify who receives the payment or gives you this deposit.

Q8: Can I use Quicken without the internet?

A:  You don’t need an internet connection to see your accounts and data, manually add data, or generate reports. Besides, you need an internet connection to download information from your bank and to get updated from the software.

Ques9- How to add income into Quicken?

Ans- These are the steps to add income into Quicken:

1. Initially, you need to click on the home tab.
2. After that, you have to click on the get started option.
3. Now, you need to click on add a bill.
4. You have to list your upcoming bills and any income for the selected date range.
5. Finally, click on new.

Q10: How to link Quicken account to an investment account?

A: These are the steps that you need to follow to link Quicken account:

1. Initially, you need to click on tools and then on the accounts list.
2. Now, click on the investment account to add a linked checking account.
3. Next, you need to click on the edit.
4. You have to click on the general tab, if it is required.
5. Finally, click on yes.

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