How to Connect QuickBooks Online to PayPal App?

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PayPal is considered as a tool that allows distinctive payment which is becoming more common as the customers are finding this app to be more suitable in accordance with electronic payments. As a payment processor, PayPal app is considered as a wallet, sales tool, or an online checking account.

Thus, this method also signifies it is confusing and complicated, to manage in QuickBooks. Usually, customers are recommended to handle PayPal as a bank account within QuickBooks.

Benefits of Connecting QuickBooks Online To PayPal App

  • Review of transactions: When Connecting to PayPal, you can evaluate all your transactions before you insert them into QuickBooks.
  • The greater amount of information: Sales receipts will acquire information relevant to the items shipping, discounts, sales, and tax.
  • Track fees individually: When inserting a transaction from PayPal. We will record spontaneously the PayPal fees for you to a price account of your choice so you don’t have to enter by hand.

How does PayPal App work with QuickBooks Online?

Linking PayPal app with QuickBooks Online is an efficient method to make your transactions of PayPal to QuickBooks through the immediate connection with PayPal, we will reclaim the amount which is troubling the transactions to function which you have in PayPal. Now you may edit, label and test the transactions to protect whether it is error-free.

Connect QuickBooks Online to PayPal App

Before Connecting to PayPal

There are a few things you need to do in QuickBooks Online before you connect to PayPal app if you haven’t done so already.

  • In QuickBooks Add your PayPal products and services: To protect the financing and inventory levels the link to PayPal app will recognize the valid products or services for sales according to the item name. In order to function this, you must set up your QuickBooks Items.
  • Establishment of Sales Tax: In order to get linked to PayPal perfectly and track the sales tax accurately, turned on the sales tax in QuickBooks, for the company you require. The Sales Tax Centre or GST center should be turned on if you do not charge even for your customer’s sales tax.
  • In your QuickBooks, if the PayPal services are not mentioned, link it to the PayPal account to choose the default item that is PayPal Sales.

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Connect QuickBooks Online to PayPal App

Connect QuickBooks Online to PayPal app

  • The First step is to log in QuickBooks Online.
  • From the left menu, click for the Apps.
  • Enter as Connect to PayPal in the Search Apps and press the app.
  • Click the Get App Now button and then choose Let’s do it button.
  • Choose the Give permission to move the data to QB from the PayPal application
  • The email address must be provided that is relevant to the PayPal account and click Next.
    1. You will be requested to build a new one when you do not possess an account
    2. If you build a new account with PayPal, to begin the connection process again, you will be requested to direct back to QuickBooks Online.
  • Type your PayPal necessary qualification and click Sign-in.
  • Choose the Agree and Connect, to approve the connection.
  • When a connection is provided, you can choose Return to Intuit.
  • Choose the account and you will see the PayPal and click Next.
  • Click the Sales tax rate that will be applied to all imported Sales transactions then select Next.
  • If you have the historical transactions, choose the date you wish to start importing and select Done.
  • You are now set up and will find the necessary PayPal connection on the Banking screen


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