How to Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

quickbooks install diagnostic tool

You are installing QuickBooks on your Desktop, however, got interrupted because of some unexpected errors. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is meant to solve errors happening during QuickBooks Installation. The Install Diagnostic Tool diagnoses and fixes all errors occurring during Installation. Additionally, it can amend issues related to ‘.NET Framework, C++ and MSXML.’ QuickBooks Desktop uses some of the Microsoft core components. If one or more components stop functioning efficiently. The operating system displays errors.

They will reflect on the entire mechanism of install diagnostic tool QuickBooks to solve all the errors occurring during installation.

quickbooks install diagnostic tool infographic

How does QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Work?

QuickBooks desktop Install diagnostic tool is particularly designed to diagnose errors and correct them. Moreover, the tool will ensure that QuickBooks installation is commenced without any delays. Other than resolving issues with the .NET Framework, MSXML & C++ errors, it fixes several other errors and issues. Few of them are listed below:

Download & Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

Below given are the steps to download and install diagnostic tool:

  • Here, click the download QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool and set-up file in the system.
  • Save the setup file on the desktop.
  • After the download, you will see the ‘QBInstall_tool_v2.exe’ on your screen.
  • Now shut-down all other apps, that currently running simultaneously in the system.
  • Double-click on ‘QBInstall_tool_v2.exe file’ & run the file in your system.
  • Restart the system after the diagnose.
  • Make sure that you have a good ‘Internet Connection’ for smooth
  • Close all other apps working/running in the background.
  • QuickBooks install diagnostic tool will automatically detect and fix the error. But often system reboot is required. designed to automatically detect and fix errors, however, in several scenarios, you might need to ‘Re-boot’.

NOTE: You can start the ‘repair tool’ to enable QuickBooks Desktop Install diagnostic tool to identify and rectify the issues.

Fix Installation Errors by using ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool’

Now view and analyze the below-given points via QuickBooks diagnostic tool.

1. Check and diagnose the ‘Connection Tab.’

Use this tab to examine your system. Additionally, this tab will help you in setting up the ‘QuickBooks company data file.’

2. Check the Firewall Status

Install Diagnostic tool QB provides relevant info on the Firewall status. You can take the appropriate action as per the information.


Get our expert Quickbooks ProAdvisor on call to resolve your query in no-time.

3. It tests your Connectivity

Consequently, It helps in analyzing your workstation connectivity. Hence, the installation of the tool itself requires a smooth.

4. Do a Re-install in a Selective start-up mode.

Sometimes, third-party apps such as ‘anti-virus & anti-spyware’ programs. It may create a problem with QuickBooks Desktop Installation. So, to rectify it is important to carry out the installation in a selective mode. The mode will start the windows with few selected items running in your system.

selective window mode

Let’s look at the steps :

  • Start the system in selective start-up mode.
  • Press Windows+r to open the ‘RUN’ command.
  • Now type ‘msconfig’ and click OK
  • Now in the General Tab- select ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’
  • So, choose ‘disable all’ option.
  • Now, unmark ‘Hide Microsoft services’ checkbox.
  • Now, checkmark the ‘list of services’ and select the ‘Windows Installer checkbox’. Ensure to mark this and press OK.
  • Therefore, Go to the system configuration and choose ‘Restart’.
  • To restore the computer to its ‘Normal Configuration.’
  • Press Windows+R to open the ‘RUN’ command.
  • Now type in ‘msconfig’ and press OK
  • Now in the ‘General tab,’ choose ‘Normal start-up’>> OK
  • Hence, Go to the system configuration screen and click ‘Restart.’

In Conclusion

The blog has provided you the understanding of what is QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. Indeed, the tool will solve all the errors that occur during the installation of the software. It has given you the answer to when you need to use QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. The blog has also covered, how you need to install and download the diagnostic tool on your PC. Furthermore, you will also get the idea of how to fix installation errors with the help of the install diagnostic tool.

If you have still some issues while using QuickBooks install diagnostic tool, then feel free to contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Frequently Asked Questions
Ques- How should I repair QuickBooks installation?

Ans- You have to perform these steps to repair QuickBooks installation:
To begin with, you need to press Windows + E for opening the computer window.
Then after, you have to click unstill or change a program.
Now, you need to choose your version of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and click the uninstall/change option.
With this, click next option and choose the repair radio button.
Finally, click next again option and then click repair.

Ques- How should I install QuickBooks tool hub on my PC?

Ans- You need to implement the given steps in the correct manner:
Initially, you need to download QuickBooks tool hub from
Then after, you have to download the official QuickBooks tool package.
After installing the tool hub, you need to click on QuickBookstoolshub.exe to start the installation process.

Ques- How to troubleshoot QuickBooks software error?

Ans- You need to follow the given steps as given below:
First of all, you have to download and run the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
Then, the tool will find the errors and it will fix.
Now, you have to save the file on desktop.
You need to double click on the file for running the tool.
Now, you will choose “I am having problems installing QuickBooks” option.
Finally, click ok option.

Ques- How will I fix an unrecoverable error in QuickBooks?

Ans- The steps will help you to troubleshoot an unrecoverable error:
First of all, you need to press the alt key while double- clicking the QuickBooks application icon.
You have to release the alt key and then type your password, when the system will display the prompt for the user password.
Then, you need to click ok and press the alt key once more after the application gets launched.
Finally, you have to release the alt key.

Ques- Which tool will work to troubleshoot QuickBooks installation errors missing components?

Ans- QuickBooks install diagnostic is the perfect tool for fixing the errors that are taking place during the software installation. The install Diagnostic tool will diagnose and fixes all the errors that are occurring during the installation process.

Ques- How should I perform a clean install of QuickBooks?

Ans- You need to go through the steps to clean install of QuickBooks:
To start with, you need to uninstall QuickBooks Desktop properly.
Then after, you have to rename the installation folders correctly.
Finally, you need to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop on your system.

Ques- What to do if I encounter an error while installing QuickBooks on the laptop?

Ans- If you are facing an error while installing QuickBooks on the laptop, then you need to quickly get connected with the professional team of QuickBooks. They will help you in finding out the root cause of the error and provide the right steps to troubleshoot the error issue.

Ques- What are the other mode of support channels to get solutions for installation related issues?

Ans- You can get in touch with the professional team of QuickBooks by live chat, phone or email support. The various mode of channels help you in providing instant solutions for installation-related issues. You can discuss your issue and the quick response will be provided by the team.

Ques- What to do if I am unable to understand the downloading and installing steps of the diagnostic tool?

Ans- If you are finding difficulty in understanding the downloading and installing the tool, then you should contact us. The phone number will help you to get connected with the QuickBooks ProAdvisors. And with their assistance, the users of QuickBooks can overcome their software troubles.

Ques- What should I do if QuickBooks install Diagnostic tool is not responding on my PC?

Ans- If the tool is not responding after installing on your system, then feel free to get connected with a QuickBooks expert. The expert will provide a prompt response of the issue. The primary aim of an expert is to offer professional support to QuickBooks users.

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