Complete QuickBooks Error Codes List (2022)

QuickBooks accounting software offers different tools to manage the financial tasks of vendors, customers, and clients.

QuickBooks is accounting software that provides accounting solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. The software has several versions that ultimately aim to fit the needs of businesses. All QuickBooks versions provide tools for daily accounting purposes that streamline tracking income and expenses. Besides, advanced versions proffer features like it tracking inventory, creating reportsaccepting online payments, and other accountancy needs. There is no doubt you will get a complete accountancy package under the umbrella of QuickBooks but while using them you might face some errors. So, the blog will make you aware of the QuickBooks error codes list that occur while using the different versions of QuickBooks.

Furthermore, the versions of QuickBooks are designed in such a way so that the accountancy business needs can be fulfilled. Let’s take a look at different versions of QuickBooks software with their respective errors.

QuickBooks Error Codes in QuickBooks Versions

 Here you will learn about each version of QuickBooks and all the possible QuickBooks error codes:

QuickBooks Enterprise

The accounting solution targets small and mid-sized businesses across many industry verticals consisting of distribution, construction, retail, and manufacturing. Also, it provides the tools to help you in organizing your books, manage inventory, run payroll, and track sales. It is said to be the flexible accounting software that easily meets the requirements of growing and changing business.

Sometimes, while using the software its users come across many errors. Let’s quickly take an overview of the QuickBooks Enterprise error codes.

QuickBooks Payroll

It calculates payroll taxes, sends direct deposits to the clients, and creates paychecks. A payroll service is a good option if there is a requirement to prepare payroll tax forms like 941, 940, and W-2. Moreover, it also generates reports to be used in tax preparation. The payroll service runs within the accounting software and via this business owners can confidently handle payroll tax forms.

After discussing, what QuickBooks Payroll is all about we should discuss some of the common QB Payroll errors.

Error Codes of Payroll

All the possible errors have been listed here:

After this, let’s find out how QuickBooks Online will be beneficial for accounting purposes. And, what are the possible errors of QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online

Appropriately managing your business accounts with QuickBooks Online is possible on computers and smartphones. It aims to accomplish the accountancy need of Bookkeepers, freelancers, independent accounting firms, and business owners. It is a user-friendly tool to track expenses, monitor sales and calculate tax. Also, it assists you in generating and monitoring reports based on the data visualizations.

QuickBooks Online users get stuck on to the error codes while working on the software. Furthermore, we have listed some of the common errors.

Error Codes of QuickBooks Online

Here are the list of QuickBooks error codes:

Moving next to QuickBooks Point of Sale and let’s figure out the different usages of the platform. Besides, we will also take a look at its errors list.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS is incorporated with QuickBooks software that permits the business users to avail the accounting features. QuickBooks POS is available in two versions i.e. Pro and Basics. It is designed for small, mid and large businesses to simplify their basic daily tasks. POS performs tasks like customer management, automate the overall banking process, tracking inventory, and management of employees.

You may face some unexpected errors while using the accounting solution.

Errors of QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS users often witness some of the errors:

Last but not least, we will discover the capabilities of QuickBooks Desktop and the errors that users may face.

QuickBooks Desktop

The particular version of QuickBooks needs to be installed on a computer system and can be used by one person. Along with this, it has the ability to create invoices, track sales, creates sales, manages accounts payable/receivable, and tax reports. The version targets the need for a product-based business that comprises inventory tracking needs.

It’s obvious that you will face errors while opening your QuickBooks Desktop or while working on it.

Errors of QuickBooks Desktop

You might encounter these errors while using the version:

There are several possible reasons behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks error codes. To troubleshoot these error codes, you can reach to the tech expert.


Overall, you have got an idea of how you can grow your business and run your accounting operations smoothly with the help of different QuickBooks versions. In addition, the selection of the suitable and fully-functional QuickBooks version matters when it comes to your business size and requirements. While using the software versions, its users may face any error that is included in the given QuickBooks error codes list. The error could arise due to functional difficulties, configuration error, server related issues, data related trouble, and the list is endless. Thus, it can be fixed by getting connected with tech experts.

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